Thursday, April 25, 2013

Just Some Thoughts

Does this ever happen to you? Yesterday, I wore my MK loafers and once again realized how much I love them! I absolutely love them and I even call them my Nancy drew shoes! Have you ever seen the movie - its a guilty pleasure, I am embarassed to say.  The acting and script is eh, I feel like Tisch students would highly judge me for it, but it just reminds me of my childhood because I was one of those girls that owned every single one of the original Nancy Drew books in that series - oh how I wanted to be her!
But back to the shoes - and my point - I have had them for a few years but I don't wear them very often.  Yet, everytime I do, I think, I really need to wear them more often.  They make my feet look dainty and not as large as they actually are, plus they are somewhat comfortable but despite my desire to wear them more often, I am wearing my Sperrys today.  But perhaps it is a good thing I don't wear them all the time because this way they stay special - perhaps I am just using that as an excuse that they don't go with my outfit which I realize is a total lie because they go with pretty much everything.  But I guess my point is, do you have an item in your closet or somewhere, that you absolutely love but forget you have it and don't wear it all the time? Honestly, I know what my mom would say, "it's a sign that you have to many shoes." Sorry mom, but oh well.  

I think in the future I am going to do a lust list about certain shoes but doesn't everyone just want these shoes:
Thank you SATC and Sarah Jessica Parker for bringing these to my attention! I can never forget them and can not wait till I can afford to own them!! Just love them! Don't you?? Along those lines, again sorry mom, but I want a wall for all my shoes - to display them and see how pretty they are! 
I mean, the SATC closet from the first movie - just perfect but these two would also do...
 The closet from 13 going on 30...
 Blair Waldorf's closet.  I honestly have not really watched GG past the first season but her clothing is to die for! 

Even with all the gorgeousness of the closets above, but the absolute best closet is Cher's closet from Clueless (one of the best movies!) 
I mean seriously! It really is an amazing closet. It would be great because bottoms and tops could be organized by color and style - it just gets me so excited when I think about it.  But enough about this...I am sorry did not mean to spend so much time on that -- just got carried away.
Actually, it might be to long now, so I think I will post later today about Jordan. I just love that I was able to link all these ideas and images in my head together - my OCD side is cheering.   

With joy,


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