Monday, April 29, 2013

My Weekend Update


My weekend was so busy, I did not even have time to post on Friday (as a college student, I have the right to count Friday as part of my weekend, though I do have one class that meets in the early afternoon).

Friday, I planned to wake up early - around 9 am. Well, that did not happen.  More like sometime after 11 am I woke up and had to rush to finish my homework before class started at 1230.  After class ended, I thought I would be a good student and go to Kimmel for lunch and to study.  I obviously never bothered to learn the dining hall hours, and little did I know that Kimmel closed at 230 when normally it closes at 8 pm. In the end, I still found a cozy place to do work in the new building attached to Kimmel.  Work would have ensued if I had not thought to check hulu first and find that the two newest episodes of Elementary were available and of course, I thought to myself, "I can watch one episode before starting my work."  Two episodes and two hours later, I finally realized I did not have much time left before I would have to leave to get ready for the event I was going to that night.  I try to quickly do some work.  Something to know about me, but once I start something, I really hate to not finish it.  As in, it is very hard for me to leave something unfinished.  I tried to reason with myself, saying that I had to run, but I refused to leave my German homework uncompleted.  As a result, I worked myself into a really bad mood because I could not go run and therefore just felt really fat and lazy (especially since it took me much longer than I thought it would).

To add to my increasingly awful mood, a woman asked if she could join my table and do work as well.  Since there was no other tables available in that area, I could (and would) not say no.  However, I am really bad at sharing work space to do work.  I really hate it when people invade my work space - It feels like they are invading my private bubble.  I know it is completely irrational and dumb but it just really irks me.  I don't know why but it has always been a problem for me.  I can be a great sharer, but personal space is just something I have real difficulty sharing.  And I am 6 feet tall and this woman stretched her legs out (and she was nowhere near as tall as me) all the way onto my side.  I could not handle it - she was encroaching on my territory.  So of course, I was distracted and it took me even longer to do my work and just got into such an awful mood.  By the time I was finished, I had barely anytime to get back to my room and change to get ready for the opera.
That's right I said opera - Die Walküre to be exact.  Die Walküre is the second opera in a series of 4 called the Ring, composed by Wagner - an Austrian, so the operas are written in German.  I had to race to Lincoln Center and did you know that if you are late, you have to go to a television viewing room to watch until the first intermission.  This opera is 5 hours long, with three acts and two intermissions.  I found the beginning to be a bit slow, but the last two acts to be extremely powerful and moving.  At the end of the last act, I was tearing up - it was so hard to see Brunnhilde and her dad Waton part from one another forever - all because of the Dad's pride.  The voices of the cast were incredible.  To be honest, I had student tickets so I was up on the top level - family tier and with my terrible eyes I could not see the faces very well but I could definitely hear the voices and it was just incredible!  Also, there was a very large orchestra which was beautiful.   Whenever I leave musical performances, I always think back to the times when I sang, played piano and my cello, and I just want to pick up everything again but when do you really have the time?  Next semester, I am taking private lessons to relearn how to play my cello, and I am very excited, but again, I won't be playing for any operas.  Here are some photos from the night:
This was the chandelier in the entrance hall to the opera building at the Lincoln Center.  I thought it was very unique - not necessarily my style but appropriate for the building.  Below is an image from one of the outdoor balconies during the first intermission looking out to the square in front of the center. 

 During second intermission, I took some shots of the theater and it is just so huge.  So many tiers/floors and during the show it was completely filled. 
After each intermission, the cast that performed in that act would appear and take a bow.  This photo was taken at the end of the last act.  They received a standing ovation, as did the orchestra and rightfully so.  The performance was amazing.  While I wish I had attended with someone, I totally had confused the dates, and forgot that Shabbat for 2000 was the same night (which I felt terrible that I missed because I was supposed to go and left S all by herself there!).  As a result, none of my friends could come with me - and I am quite single, so I had no man that I could force to come with me.  But I would also like to say that, I have never been on to wait for some man to ask me to do something.  I am not quite sure when Die Walküre will be performed again so I decided to not wait.  As a New Yorker, I am quite independent and usually like doing things by myself.  I did wonder what the couples on either side of me thought of me being there by myself but I enjoyed the evening - all five hours of it - on my own.  Honestly, it is the 21st century, and while I would love to have a boyfriend or at least be dating someone it just is not happening right now.  That is ok with me.  I have the rest of my life ahead of me, but I am not going to wait around to do stuff that I want to do, just because I can't find a guy or friends to go with me.  I have to admit, I do sometimes worry that my attitude will end up leaving me a spinster but at least I will be a spinster that has gone to see operas, shows, exhibits, etc.  So take that world.

Of course that night was a late one and as always S and I ended up talking pretty late into the early hours (1 am) because whenever we are apart we always have to fill each other in one what the other one missed.  And because we are so similar, we both tend to get distracted and go on long tangents.

However, there was to be no sleeping in.  After both of us found it difficult to wake up early on Saturday morning, we finally managed to with only 15 minutes left before we had to leave to go uptown.  S and I did end up leaving 15 minutes late but made it to my aunt's apartment perfectly on time to meet up with my other aunt and my dad and we headed to breakfast before heading to the service.  I should have taken a picture of the breakfast place, Sarabeth's, but I was starving and could only think of food and freshly squeezed orange juice (with everything starting to bloom, my allergies are in full swing and I need my vitamin C to help me out!).  But it is such a pleasant weekend brunch/breakfast place to eat at and is pretty popular in nyc.  The one on the upper west side is just lovely and the food is so delicious.  I decided to have the goldie lox omlette, because for some reason lox and eggs and cream cheese sounded good to me, weird but good.  It was delicious! But extremely filling, but that could have been the fact I was eating the omlette by putting some of it on slices of english muffin before chowing down.  Afterwards, we all headed down to midtown to the service for my Uncle that I posted about earlier.  I just can't imagine losing someone who I love so much.  It makes me scared and I honestly just don't like thinking about it.  But he is in a better place, with God and not in pain anymore, which is much more merciful and something to be happy about.

After the service, the family members and close friends gathered at Hurley's Irish Saloon & Bar - a famous place for actors and stage hands to hang out at after shows are done late at night.  We ate together and listened to different people tell stories.  After it was over, I had to say good bye to my dad because he had to catch the bus to head to NoVa to spend the night with my mom, who arrived on Saturday back from Italy.  S had to go to a meeting downtown and I headed uptown to meet a friend, C, from high school who attends the Music School of Manhattan - she is an amazing opera singer, just incredible.  Honestly, I had not seen her in three years because uptown and downtown are actually really far apart and neither of us ever really crossed paths.  However, last week, via facebook I was invited to her junior year recital and I could attend.  It was amazing to hear her sing again and she was so grateful that I came.  So we agreed to meet and catch up with one another.  We walked to a cute little coffee shop right by her school and then walked to Sakura Park.  Uptown is so much quieter than midtown or downtown - so much more serene.  I really like it though her area is right at the border of where Harlem begins, so it can be a little sketchy - especially at night (she is right by Columbia, you get off at the same subway stop).  It was great to see her and catch up - about the good and the bad.  To think that I was in high school 3 years ago, and to see how quickly time has passed was slightly frightening and it was also sad that I had not tried harder to keep up with her.  It just made me recognize, that I really need to put more energy into the relationships I want to keep in my life - I am really of the mind, that I just want to keep good and positive and loving people in my life - that is, I mean to say people who bring me good karma and chi and who I want to emulate.

While I wish I had taken some pictures of the park, I did take a picture of this girl in the a pink poof as I referred to it - obviously, it was her quinceanera and I thought it was both adorable and funny.  I also felt terrible for her because it was kind of warm out and her dress had to weigh a lot - if it had been me, I would have been sweating as if I had run a marathon.
By the way, if you want to check the park out, it is right next to General Grant's tomb.  It is really beautiful and serene.      

My Saturday evening ended with a nap, a delicious dinner (that included vegetables, meat and pasta - hit all the food groups), being very productive with homework (high five!), and then a midnight run to grocery store (because why not) with S and then we watched Mulan (because S has never seen it, can you believe that?  I can't she was deprived as a child - yet she can name every character in a film that involves sports) till 230 am.
Sunday plans to be another busy day! I will edit this post tomorrow night to include the day's events.  I also know that I need to keep posting more about Jordan, and I plan to do that tomorrow but it is just really late and I have to be up early!
Before I talk about Sunday, I just wanted to share some more photos:
So, I was going to make dessert to bring with me to the team dinner Sunday night at our Coach's house but as I was going through all the box mixes my mom had given me when she cleaned out our pantry as well as storage room (since we are moving sometime in the future and she is not going to use them) I started to notice that the boxes expired in 2010 or 2008.  A little concerned I looked up how long box mixes stay good after their expiration date - turns out for most cake mixes, its only 6-7 months before they tend to start developing mold spores.  So we proceeded to sadly throw the mixes out and recycle the boxes - sorry mom but after we discovered that I could not in good mind make it and give it to people to eat.  So I was then left with this box to make peach cobbler and it had a recipe that would turn the box mix into peach cobbler cake. Sounded delicious.  But I could not find a expiration date.  So I went online and proceeded to look for a way to tell if the box mix was bad - to be honest the peaches in the preserved package looked disgusting but I thought maybe there was cinnamon or something that turned the stuff brown - you never know.  I go to the website and it turns out if the box was manufactured before 2010 it has a serial code - which mine did and they allowed you to enter the code and they would tell you when it was produced.  Keep in mind, right next to this box is another box explaining how long their products keep : 12-18 months.  I am already nervous because I know the box is manufactured before 2010 because it has a serial code but how old really was it? Turns out, it was produced in 2005.  I would have needed to be in 7th grade in order to eat this.  Therefore the peaches were definitely not good - they were definitely sploosh (like from the movie Holes).  I am glad I decided to look up the expiration date information because that was just wrong.  So again we rightfully discarded the package and I was left with nothing to make for the dinner tonight. However, we all did get a good laugh out of it.
 So after all that fiasco calmed down, I remembered that S had never watched Mulan.  (I mean really...I can't believe it) so we decided to watch it as I mentioned earlier and in the scene where she is trying to prove that she is a man (early in the movie) and tries to "hock a loogie."  It reminded S of how I always seem to be drooling (which is only because I am always thinking of food haha) but it reminded me of my little sister who we all fondly refer to as the "droolmaster." - inside joke but it still got me rolling on the floor laughing!

Photos from Sunday:
After I attended church in the morning, I enjoyed the beautiful weather (that seems to be so rare these days in the city despite it being Spring and almost May!) and met SC for a walk along Central Park West - so beautiful! Again, I need to remember to take pictures but sometimes you are just so in the moment.  Well After doing work for a few hours (and of course taking a nap!), S and I met with some of our teammates and our coaches to head over to our head coach's house outside of the city.  The drive was long and I got a bit car sick so could not do work but it was nice to get out of the city! And, the food was delicious. Well here is S being silly with one of our teammates.  Of course S and I being the cool people we are, wore only running shorts and long sleeve work out t's, while everyone else looked a bit more suitable. oh well!

Some of our other teammates -- I creepily took photos! its ok... they were too focused on the coaches taking photos of us! As I said, we had some delicious food and there was food everywhere! I've got to get my butt into shape eventually but with finals beginning next week - I have a feeling I will be succumbing to my weaknesses:

plus cans of vanilla frosting! they are all so addicting! And always satisfy my sweet tooth.  My little sister also introduced me to the starbucks birthday cake pop - the most delicious thing I have ever tried and I promise that I will find the recipe and try it out some time (and obviously blog about it!).

Before I end this super long post, I want to show off coach's cute two dogs -- it is always fun to play with dogs when you miss yours so much! I can't wait to get down to Texas just so I can snuggle with my Zeus (Zeus man!)  Oh I miss him! 
And here is my main man:

Zeus how I miss you!!!

Thanks for reading. As always, I am praying for my Aunt and Uncle Eddie's kids.

With joy,


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