Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Start of Something...


I know I am probably a little bit late on starting a blog, and if you are like me, than you are already following too many blogs to keep track of.  So not for nothing, this is more for me because lately my days have been flying by and I can't even remember what I did yesterday, so I feel like I need a journal because in a month I will be leaving NYC to move to Dallas for the summer and then to only return for my senior year in college.  All while my family moves from NoVa to Austin, and I prep for the LSAT.  Its a crazy time and I want a distraction and another place I can make lists of things I love (beside pinterest). 

As I write this, my first blog post, I am dancing in my chair to Just Like Paradise in the library with my best friend, S who is playing free flow on her droid that looks too addicting that I am scared to get it.  But just a little about myself: I am a basketball player for my college, an economics major (with several minors cause I couldn't decide) and I love to bake, shop, exercise, read, see my friends and watch tv. 

Sadly, I can't write more because it took me so long to decide on a name Hoops to Heels, and now have to run to an athlete event. 

With joy,


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