Saturday, June 1, 2013

A little shortie


So I don't know if anyone reads this blog but I feel completely guilty that I have not kept my promise to post about Jordan or  well anything lately! My excuse is that I am in the process of moving to Dallas for this summer and this very evening I arrived in Austin!  i am curled up on the sofa getting ready for bed and just so happy to see my darling Zeus as well as my dad - its been a while!! But R, one of my best friends, can tell you that I spent this morning rush packing so it's not a real good excuse.  Yes I had to go clothing shopping for work - which by the way... Check out J. Crew so many awesome pieces on sale and there is an additional sale on top of that! Literally unreal but back to what I was saying, yes I had multiple doctor appointments and shopping and what not but I just been lazy.  If my mom is around I am hanging out with her (I just miss her so much when she isn't around that I can't think to do anything else.  I even sleep in her bed when I am home). And I also have an issue of stopping a project halfway through and doing something else.  So originally I told myself I would not post week 5 of Jordan until I organized my photos on my iPhoto.  But as I was doing that I realized I was missing so many photos from my childhood and wanted to take the photos off my family's old desktop computers and put them on but when I tried they didn't work.  Turns out y sister had taken all the photos off already and put them on CDs.  But then I had to search for these CDs and I still haven't found them but then I came across old boxes of photos categorized by year.  These were my mom's photos! So I started to scan the ones I wanted onto a USB and from there add them to my iPhoto.  This took a lot of time so I have been working on that but still have alot to go.  I have gone through years 1991, 1992, 2000, 2001, and 2004.  Yet, I could not bring the remaining photos with me to Dallas so I will have to resume that project when I get back so this afternoon I returned to organizing the photos I do have.  So that way I can hopefully post Jordan week 5 shortly.  I would like to get through those parts to continue onto other posts!  With me starting work next week, I want to do some posts about food and other items.  Especially document this move and new beginnings! 

On another note, I got to experience something truly beautiful and made me proud to be an American, today!  I was waiting for my flight to Austin at National Airport, when all of a sudden I noticed that all around me were members of different branches of our military and volunteers from the USO. Turns out the plane I would be traveling to Austin, was coming to DC from Austin and had over 20 WWII veterans on it and they were being brought to DC to see the memorial/monuments and there flight was honored with a water salut as it pulled into the gate by firetrucks and as they deplaned, everyone in the terminal stood up and applauded them! It was really touching to see these veterans be supported by everyone and recognized for their service!  It just brought so much joy to my heart.  But I was also sad because my grandfather fought in WWII  but he passed away a few years ago and we also did not have a close connection with him when he was alive.  

Well, it is late and I have no photos right now to add to this post to make it interesting but maybe tomorrow I can try to spruce this post up! 

Thanks for reading! 

With joy,


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