Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dogs and the City


I love dogs and dearly miss my Zeus-man so I like to take photos of dogs I see out in the city and I also love to chat up their owners and get to sit with the dogs for a few minutes if the owners' are not to creeped out, that is.

Just love me some bulldog.  S does not care for them but I just find them so manly and rolly polly.  I love them - that is English Bulldogs, not as big of a fan of French Bulldogs, but the one I took below was actually kind of adorable/cute. 
Tiny Maltipoo - it might be too small for my liking, but if I am to live in a city/apartment in my future, it might be the right option.  Though I might go slightly bigger with a cockapoo.  I really just want a dog that can travel with me - so has to be 20 lbs or less! 
Just love Golden Retrievers! My family used to adopt/rescue them.  We had Sparky, Bo, and then Rookie.  Rookie died quite young - he was only 7 - so my family had a hard time wanting to get another one so we changed it up and got a Goldendoodle - Zeus! 
Black poodle. not much more to say - thought it was rather large for a poodle and made my doggie face at it but the owner thought I was sketchy.  
Here is the French Bulldog we say on the street.  It eyes are more forward than some of the other French Bulldogs I have seen so maybe that is why it looks less alien like to me.  But French Bulldogs are the "it" dog right now in the city.  I feel like everyone is getting them.  
A cute Cavalie King Charles Spaniel.  Looks just like T's Coco.  So cute! I think these are also really adorable and a possibility...
One of the last dogs I took a photo of was this small guy.  He was just chilling there and not really sure what type of dog he was but I was able to snap a pic as I walked by.  All dogs are so loveable.  And they just love you in return.  Don't have to win them over or sweet talk them.  

SO I am a bit of a sketch, and had to play with this Great Pyreneese (I think?) while the owners sat on the other side of this fence-like thing and ate their lunch.  I felt bad for interrupting their meal but this dog just looked so loveable sitting there.  I wanted to cuddle up with him.  And he does the trick where he lets you put food on his nose and once you allow him to, he flips it up to catch it.  He was so cute. 

I know that now that I am out of the city, I can not do another post like this but maybe in Dallas?   I hope so.  I am home now in NoVa, but because our house is on the market and my mom is all by herself here for most of the time, our family dog - Zeus - is with my dad in Austin.  I will get to see him in 10 days when I fly to Austin before then moving to Dallas, but I always miss him.  My dad recently sent me this photo of him and he is just the cutest dog ever!

Normally he is really fluffy but he had just gotten his hair cut and so it shows how skinny his legs are but how huge his head is.  I miss him so much! I picked him out when he was a puppy and named him.  I also did some of the training - the cool tricks that is.  I might just steel him but I also just want a dog of my own! Don't you just love dogs - or animals!! I honestly just love animals and probably will end up with a bunch when I am older and able to afford it/them.  

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post!  

With joy,


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