Saturday, May 11, 2013

First Final Over


My first final was over on Thursday, and afterwards went to go see Iron Man 3 - so good! Go see it! I really liked it but that could be because I just hated the second one and went in with low expectations.  Though in retrospect, I agree with my friends and think some of the things at the end were a bit rushed/not explained well.  Friday then just disappeared and I am not sure exactly how time flew by.  And I have been majorly suffering from allergies and with the thunderstorm (which I am slightly scared of) I had trouble falling asleep so I took NyQuil and I woke up at 330 pm this afternoon! What?? Good thing I did not need to be anywhere today - so today is a lazy day! Though I am alternating working on this blog and studying German grammar!

When you watch tv shows, do you ever get inspired to start doing crunches right away?  Or say everything is going to change because I want that girl's ("person's") body!  Well Maggi Q is one of those girls for me (plus I always start wanting to wear army/assassin clothing).  Every time I watch Nikita, I get completely inspired to just start doing jumping jacks and ab work outs.  So of course, I obsessively stalk her online to find out how she gets her body.  Turns out being vegan helps -- problem is, I can't really do that being an athlete.  I would love to, but not sure if I could give up dairy.  Meat, sure I can give that up (except for when my mom makes it the Barefoot Contessa way - I am drooling just thinking about it) but you get the point.  I have always wanted to be vegetarian, but I eat way to much yogurt and cheese to be able to go vegan.  She also does power yoga and lots of cardio, so ok I can't get her body completely, but I already do the cardio, and I did do the yoga.  I just have to get myself into a schedule where I go to bed early enough that I can actually wake up and go for a run and then make time in the evening to get back into doing yoga.  I can probably do it now during the school year, since I am not in season but once I started working, how do you make the time??? I have no idea. But here are some images of her kicking butt:

Things I would like to try - make part of my workout routine: Krav Maga, Ballet, yoga, and soul cycle/spin class (on top of my running) -- not sure how I can fit everything in but I sure would love to try.  I am not really into the whole weights thing.  I mean, I have been lifting since I was a junior in high school, and I am really tired of it.  My suitemate wants to try cross fit! That actually sounds interesting, but with one more basketball season to go in my quickly aging body, I don't think that is the right option for me.

Krav Maga is a self defense system created and used by the Israeli Defense Force.  I am surprised that my mom did not make me learn self defense before coming to the city, she had mentioned it at some point but I have been here three years and nothing.  But to be honest, who is going to mess with a 6 foot tall, muscular girl?  I watched Miss Congeniality - I know SING and I am pretty confident person who handles pressure fairly well (I would like to believe).  I also know how to break someone's nose with my palm.  So I guess it is not completely necessary but I am just one of those people who likes to learn skills.  I mean I don't drink but I would love to learn how to bartend.  If that makes sense?

But, I guess that just goes along with me being terrified at being stuck in a desk doing the same thing over and over again every day. I feel like it is a fairly rational fear (at least for my generation) and I don't think I would be good at it, or maybe I will be since I really like routine but I don't know if that is something I can do as a career for a long period of time.  But hey, I am young and have no real experience at having a real job so I can not judge.  Also, I do always start off all my jobs with too much enthusiasm but as I learn and master the skills, I tend to become bored with my position.  But I am so excited for this summer for my internship in Dallas.  It is going to be such an incredible experience, and I miss the South - anywhere but the northeast to be honest.  I will get to be finally using my experiences and trying to help better the world - in a way, I hope (yay for optimism and idealism!).

But I feel like I am becoming too serious!  so here are a few of my pins from this week.  My pinterest is:
 This looks so yummy! It is: Tortellini, Walnut and Mascarpone sauce.  Just looks so delicious!
This is a how to guide to make sweet potato fries!  So delicious-looking, I actually really want to make these now!
 I want this dress!! I found this pin from one of the blogs I check often.... What Courtney Wore
And the dress is from ASOS, can be found here for $76 which is a bit too much for me right now even with my student discount :( Asos Drop Waist Shift Dress
 This blog I check daily - I just lover her blog! It is so real and just hits everything I love.  She also makes me wonder if I should dye my hair again blonde? I won't because I am trying to grow it out again and I don't have her tan skin! I am too irish for that.  But I also just love this bikini.  I am going to use S to see if I can find the bikini at her old job.  I hope I can work there in the fall!  Otherwise the bikini is sold out everywhere - except for in xsmall! :( but here is the blog: Barefoot Blonde
  Same blog, different post.  Here: Barefoot Blonde But I just love these pants! They are from Nordstrom but seem to be unavailable now :( I hope to find them for the summer.  I love pants like that - they were great in the Middle East in that they kept me cool but covered - though it did attract attention!!
 Oh how cute! a Goldendoodle puppy - looks a bit like my Zeusman when he was a puppy! I want my own dog :( or at least get my Zeusman back! 
Much to S's displeasure, I love English Bulldogs, and really want one! They are just the cutest rolly polly things on the planet!! and so solid and loveable!  They are a big dog trapped in a smaller dog's body!  However, S and my mom both love french bulldogs which I fear look like aliens so we might never agree on which dog I should get in the future! 
 I am going to try and do this hairstyle on S since my hair is nowhere near long enough to do any real hairstyles yet! I will let you know how it goes! 
 Not sure if I could ever wear a hoodie with a beautiful skirt like this, but this girl sure does pull it off! Just wish I could find this skirt! Love it!! #collectorofmaxis
Just love this picture because it reminds me of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's and I want this outfit!  

Those are a few pins - though the last two were a bit old :/! And before I end, just wanted to comment on my fashion idols: Kate Middleton, Olivia Palermo and Zoe Saldana.  
Kate always looks so put together and refined.  She is what I always strive to be (don't always actually achieve it but she is the goal!).  I absolutely love her - major girl crush!  I even had a poster hanging in my room of
I mean she is perfect - at least to the public eye!  But I also adore Olivia who I am not sure why she is famous, but she just always looks amazing and is bold enough to try each trend and yet looks quite amazing in almost all of it - even in the stuff no one else will try, even if it is not meant to be pulled off she actually does a better job of it than anyone else.  
And lastly, Zoe Saldana - who has a phenominal ballerina's body and is always a little edge - fashion risk taker.  The part of me that decided to go to NYU, always loves what she wears and tries to get me to be a little less preppy or black/white and to try to add more color or be riskier in my fashion choices.  Maybe I did not explain it well but I don't know just love her.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy today - though it's stormy here!

With joy,

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