Saturday, May 25, 2013

Home Sweet Home


So I am currently blogging while getting my first gel pedicure.  I have been back in NoVa since Monday night and boy has time flown by.  Granted I spent two whole days unpacking, going through all my boxes of clothes and what not and then repacking.  I leave for Texas a week from today but my mom is there now and so she brought some of my luggage down to my dad, who is going to help me move into the apartment there.  Also, because our house is back on the market it has to always be immaculate and nothing can be left out.  

And, I know that I said my next post would be about Week 5 in Jordan but I started going through all my photos in iPhoto and organizing them by person/face and once I start a project, I have a really hard time doing anything else.  I also am now waiting for my mom to return so that she can find the CDs with all the photos I (or my little sis) took before we owned macs so they were left on old desktops.  But that is my goal for this weekend, so that post should be up shortly! 

I am so happy to be back in McLean.  This area is so green and I just really have missed it.  Though I hate driving - I would much rather walk places.  I have gone to some of my favorite places to eat since I have been back and it especially because our house is on the market, we can't exactly cook and make a mess in our kitchen. So we have been eating out mostly. 

But before I share my thoughts about those places, I just wanted to give props to this salon I just was at.  It's called Nail Boutique in McLean and normally I go to this salon closer to my house but I was in town and had some time before my haircut so I thought why not.  It is so small and cute but also the people work really hard! I mean, I think that this is the best pedicure I have gotten in a very long time! This woman did an amazing job! 

Awkward photo! 
I hope this color is professional for when I start my internship in just over a week but I also have never gotten a gel pedicure (or manicure) so I hope it lasts and looks good.

Ok, so as I may have mentioned, my mom and I have pretty much eaten out for every meal.  We visited the restaurant I used to waitress at: Clyde's of Reston.  Had an easy delicious meal there and got to catch up with one of the managers and some of the other front-wait staff.  It was nice, and I really enjoy going there! Plus the desserts are so delicious - always made with local ingredients - i.e. strawberries for right now and I just love the strawberry shortcake!

I also have been craving my egg and cheese bagel sandwiches I always get at NoHo in NYC so I visit the only good bagel place in the area - Chesapeake Bagel.

I still prefer the NoHo egg sandwich but this is really delicious as well!  Chesapeake Bagel is in McLean and in the same shopping complex of my favorite sushi restaurant: Ichiban.  You are either an Ichiban fan or a Tachiban fan.  Both are sushi restaurants in McLean and while I like both, Ichiban is my favorite and we are friends with the family that owns and operates it.  At one point, we went there at least once a week.

Hmm... where else have I been for food?  R and I went to lunch at Panera (at Tysons).  Panera is our usual spot we go to when we can't decide where else to eat.  My mom and I also had a snack at Silver Diner!  Love that place - their milkshakes are to die for (Oreo is my favorite) and I had the grilled cheese and was so good!

I also enjoy grabbing food from Sweet Stuff, right by my house and next to 7/11.  Another place I want to go before I leave is Sweet Leaf in McLean, Rio Grande (Uncle Julios) in Reston, maybe go to Dim Sum (at China Garden) in Roslyn, and/or go to this awesome Greek Restaurant by Tysons - Nostos.

With my family moving to Texas, I am not sure if I will be coming back to NoVa in August after my internship is finished.  I hopefully will be but, just in case I need to hit all my favorite restaurants here!  I feel like I always go to these places when I come home but they are my favorites and McLean is not NYC, so there is not thousands of restaurants but we have a nice selection so much so that we never really have to go into DC for food.

Thanks for reading.

With joy,


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