Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day - I love you mom!


Happy Mother's Day!  I just want to do a post for my mother!  Words can't express how much I love her and I would do anything for her.  She is one of my (if not the) closest friends and I feel like I can always talk to her about stuff even if we don't always agree about one another's perspective.  Her opinion matters so much to me and she is one of my heroes.  She helped put herself through college and pursued a career that would allow her and her family to live a better life.  She worked hard and then returned to work so that my sister and I could go to any school we wanted - i.e. two very expensive private colleges, and live a good life.  I know that sometimes she feels that we take her for granted, but in actuality, there is nothing about her to take for granted.  Everything she says and does I value, and I know she is not perfect but she works so hard for our entire family and for those she loves that you can't tell.  All I hope is that one day I can be as good of a mother to my children as she was to me.  And also that I get the opportunity to pay her back for everything she has done and provided for me.  I love her so much.  Thanks mom.  Sorry that I could not be with you today but at least you got to have a good brunch with M and hopefully your day was relaxing.
 Not sure how long ago this was, but it was back when we visited Monticello.  That was a nice mother-daughter (including M) weekend.  
 I think this was Hawaii, but I honestly can't remember.  It was a while ago, which means time for another family trip to Hawaii! 
 Funny photo of me (M probably took it)... but I was already in high school when this photo was taken so not sure what the context is, just found it and thought it was pretty funny.  And, it is also indicative of our family ;).  
 Family together in Boston visiting with dad's friends from his old job.  We got a historic tour of Boston...M and I were pretty bored but I wish we had paid more attention now.... isn't that always the case?
 One of the more recent photos....This was during my mom's trip to Abu Dhabi to visit me and we went with my cousin to Dubai and took her to Dubai Mall where they have the largest indoor aquarium (or something along those lines).  I was so happy to see her and the time flew by, and I just did not want to say goodbye to her.  However, I made it through and she was there to pick me up from the airport back in NoVa so I know that no matter where I go in life she will always be waiting for me to come back to her and also that if I am somewhere interesting she will definitely come visit (otherwise, I have to go back to her...). 
Last photo, but it was taken right after I came home and we went out to a nice dinner right next to Tiffany's and afterwards, despite the cold temperature, we were goofing around and I happened to take this photo in the dark. We were all laughing and it was just a good family evening overall.  

Again, love you so much mom.  And, I hope it is ok that I included some photos of us from recently as well as from a few years ago.  Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's in the world and I hope you feel the love that I know each and every one of your children feel for you.  L, I know I am not your child and only your sister but happy mother's day to you as well.  With two little ones, you definitely deserve it!

Thanks for reading.
With joy,

p.s. Just want to remind myself that when I get home in a week, I need to go through all the old photos on the other computers and get them all on mine because I feel like we have taken so many more - just hate using those darn old slow desktops but it will be worth it to have all my photos. 

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