Sunday, May 26, 2013

My Current Wants


I am currently snuggled in bed, debating whether or not I should sneak off to Harris Teeter to get snacks, while watching the Star Wars prequels and online shopping.

As a way to postpone binge eating and just get to continue to lay in my bed, I have decided to work on this post.  With my internship starting in one week, all I can think about is what I want for work and for wearing in Dallas.  I feel like Dallas is going to be very different in so many ways, including fashion.  So I am going to use this post to organize my wants, so that I can purchase what I want.

This flower blazer is on clearance sale at Kohls (via LC brand) at $21.00 - click here
This bathing suit is on clearance at J Crew for $70.00 - click here
This bathing suit is on clearance at Old Navy for $18.00 - click here
This wrap dress (which would be perfect for work!) is at Old Navy for $26.94 - click here
 I found these on another blog - here - and they are sold at Nordstrom for $58 - click here
 I am not sure if these will fit but they are so inexpensive that it might be worth buying and seeing if they work.  They are from Forever 21 for $11.80 and I feel like they will be great for going to and from the pool but I would not really wear them for other situations - click here
 I am loving anything and everything that has a drop waist.  Sadly, I have not seen the Great Gatsby movie yet but I hopefully will.  But what is awesome, is this look that is popping up everywhere.  And with my body type, it is the perfect fit! Check out this dress fro Forever 21 for $14.80 - click here
 Found this top at another one of my favorite blogs - Barefoot Blonde - and I just love this top.  It is from Forever 21 for $15.80 - click here
This is a cute dress that I would belt to give it more shape.  It is from Forever 21 for $24.80 - click here
These shorts are just like the ones from Zara but I found them for even cheaper at SheInside and I find them interesting.  A little short for my liking but I feel like they are interesting and I could make them work.  The shorts are from SheInside for $23.23 - click here
I do not know if I absolutely love this skirt but I find it a possibility.  But because I am so tall, it might be too short.  If it is long enough then I would be game for it but I think I will check Target out and see if it fits.  The skirt is $22.99 - click here

 While I want a different pair of boots which are sold out, these are a cute and affordable option.  They are $39.99 - click here  
I have been wanting a pair of leopard/cheetah print loafers.  While I have convinced myself that I will wear these a lot, they are different for me but that is what I am trying to do, push myself.  They are from Target for 27.99 - click here
Lastly, I have a pair of black flats and nude heels but I feel like I could use a pair of black heels.  I love my nude heels from Aldo, and even though they took a while to break in, I wear them all the time now so I figured that I would just get the same pair in black.  These are $80 from Aldo - click here

Well thanks for reading and letting me organize my wants! 

With joy,


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