Wednesday, May 8, 2013

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Is it just me or does the time around finals make you super hungry? Or maybe I am not hungry but just so bored with studying that I am constantly eating.  I don't know what it is, but my suitemate said, "its finals, calories don't count" - heck yes!  I keep wanting to eat healthy, but finals time is not the right time to start (especially because I would love to go on a cleanse...but I can't risk not being able to focus and being in bad mood) - so anything in my kitchen, and the last of my meal plans (5 to go!) I just seem to be eating it all!!

But that's right, finals have begun!  This week is really the last week of classes, and I am already 1/4 done with my finals for German, and my anthro final is tomorrow.  Also, I won't be leaving until the 20th, so my finals are kind of spread out, but not far enough where I can go home in between them :(.  I am so ready to be done with this semester.  So much finance has gone into my head this semester - I feel like all I see when I close my eyes is numbers and balance sheets.  Even worse those two classes are directly after one another on the 20th, so I won't be able to get them out of my head for another two weeks and it will be very stressful 4 hours.  

I also am fighting my allergies.  I barely have had a voice over the last four days and I can't tell if it is everything blooming, the air conditioning being turned on in my building, or if it is a bit of both.  Either way, I can't breathe through my nose and my throat is super swollen :(.  Oh happens every year, though I am glad that I am not back in Virginia, no matter how bad my reaction is here in NYC it is nowhere near as bad as it would be in NoVa.  But, it is nice to see all the flowers and trees in bloom, and its slightly green in the city!  I love being surrounded by green! Which is something I just love about NoVa, I just hate the allergies that accompany the first blooms.   Hopefully when I return in two weeks, the pollen count/whatever else I am allergic too will be decreasing/done so I won't have to stay inside.  I hope that Dallas will be green, as well as Austin, because I am slightly terrified of being surrounded by a brown environment.  Despite all that, today after the violent storm we had this morning in the city, I found this beautiful patch of green:

Ok, so I want to do a recap of last week.  I just was so busy, that I have not posted as much as I would like.  But I am making more of an effort, despite being in finals - but I am pretty much caught up on all shows (except for Revenge, White Collar, Covert Affairs, Burn Notice, and Game of Thrones, but I am not thinking of those, plus they are not an easy 20 minute episodes but rather the hour long (40 minutes) ones, so I don't want myself to get hooked on catching up on those shows until I am done with finals) so my blog is going to be my break/reward from studying!!

Starting with last week, I just had a lot of work to do since this week is my last week, and all my professors are trying to fit in material that we normally would not have gotten to if we had kept to the pace we had been going at all semester, but they've decided to each do a chapter a day so I had a lot of reading to do as well as assignments.  I tried to get as much done as I could, but still a bunch of work was left for last weekend but I was also super busy.  Wednesday was great, and I did a good amount of work, though it took much longer than I thought it would.  Then had Institute, which I just love because we get to talk about faith - what it means and different types, but we had different people run it so it felt a little different from what it usually is like, it still was interesting.  Afterwards, I quickly ran and then sped walked back to my place to watch Psych!  It was so good, though I want Jules and Shawn to get back together!!!

Thursday came around and I was up bright and early for S because she is an honors student in her college and was part of a selective group (Presidential scholars I believe) that got to go on a tour of Barcelona and get an inside look of sport and hotel management within the city now as well as for the Olympics that was held there in the 90s.  The presentation went very well and I was so jealous of all she got to see - granted I already had seen her vast collection of photos (and I am happy to say, I am rubbing off on her because she looked stylish, cute and slightly preppy in every photo!) and it just seemed incredible!  While she had to be at the building at 715, I got up at 730 and had to rush to put myself together - thankfully they had a lot of delicious food at the presentation so I did not have to eat before I left my room.  I hate not eating breakfast! Everyone I have ever met has always impressed upon me how important breakfast is, and it is in several newspapers/magazine articles.  Anyways that is a must for me! This is what I was able to quickly throw together for her presentation and I was able to see her mom - who is just the sweetest, and has the coolest accent because she is Luxembourgish.

OK, now that I see it, I hate my hair.  It was probably up in the bun I do all the time but I must have thought it would be cooler to have it down.  I don't know what I was thinking but oh well!  My hair has that whole ombre thing going on, but mine is not on purpose, it is just because I have not had my hair cut in a year (is that weird?) and I had highlighted it just before I left for Abu Dhabi.  While I had lived in Jordan my hair had been too long and it was my natural hair color, dirty blonde/light brown with some red in it (thank you Irish genes) and I was still referred to as "ashaqra" = blonde.  So before I left for Abu Dhabi, I had my hair stylist cut off my hair and make it look blonde.  Why not, I am young and it was nice, I mean, of course once I got to Abu Dhabi, I realized air conditioning was everywhere because without it, you could seriously die.  Unlike Jordan, Abu Dhabi has humidity as well as being a tad hotter, so you have to have air conditioning.  And while the weather is like that, until late October to mid-November, everyone stays inside in the air conditioning, so I could have kept my long hair.  Oh well.  It's regrowing right now but I do miss it, and I don't know how to do too much with this length of hair so I seriously stick it in a ballerina bun every morning and leave it there.

However,  after S's presentation, I started to get really bad headache, and I did not have class till 12:30 so I figured, why not take a nap and see how I feel when I wake up for class.  Well when I did wake up, my headache was worse and I had to stay inside for the rest of the day until the evening, when the sun was going down and I could not sleep anymore.  I used my blanket, while I was asleep to block out all the light, so that my eyes would not hurt as much.  And, my eyes love that but I also get a little claustrophobic and I don't like anything covering my mouth so its a difficult task.  But Thursday evening, I finally was able to gather myself and I went to Barnes and Nobles in order to get Lauren Graham's autograph for my two besties R and T back home!! To be honest, I did not think it would be that big of a deal! So I only got there at 630 when the event started at 7pm...boy was I wrong... two hours later I finally got her autograph on presents for both T and R!  But it was worth it, T was so happy that she got to "talk" to her!!

Friday moved along, went to class (yes I have class on Fridays - its awful I know!).  VESPYs were on Friday - an NYU sponsored athlete party/award ceremony hosted by SAAC, student athlete advisory council.  It was nice, I got there late, but the "show" started then so I would say I arrived on time, and I left right when it ended before anyone else realized it so I was able to get out of there quickly.  It was nice, but I would also say I was really uncomfortable because I just don't know that many athletes anymore, partially because I studied abroad and missed getting to know the incoming freshman, but also because most of my friends have all graduated.  But here is a photo at the "event" and of my outfit.

Yikes my arms are huge - not flattering at all :( -- its totally the photo! But I do love this dress, it's from ASOS, I think I got it on sale for like $40 but its one of the only dresses I have ever bought where it goes below my knee, and is supposed too! Normally, because I am 6 feet tall, when I buy dresses, they go nowhere near where they are supposed to hit on my legs, usually they are a little short, but I never buy them unless they hit my hands, because I just would not feel comfortable otherwise!  But I do love this dress - its great for going to church!  But I know I said I hate my arms, but this girl with the skinniest arms (that I wish I could have) turned to me in class one day and said gosh your arms are so muscular, I wish I could have that -- so I guess we are always wanting what we don't have and it does not just apply to our hair!!  After that, I went to sleep - S was gone, she had gone home but I thought I was going to see her early Saturday morning but when I overslept and it was almost noon, and she was not back on Saturday I got a little nervous, but she was back in the afternoon, she just decided to take a later train.  But she was great and met me at the gym in the evening for Relay for Life!  And she stayed with me the whole time! SO I was really happy and did not have to feel super uncomfortable with the other athletes that I did not know.  This year, I was team captain for NYU Varsity Student-Athletes and since I only joined SAAC once I returned from the Middle East we only had a little over two months to have people join and raise money.  We raised over $2,000.  It was really moving, and I did tear up a bit during the event thinking about my uncle.  The selfish part of me wanted to know why he wasn't allowed to survive, but I know that God has a plan for us and he is in heaven with heavenly father, and with his past loved ones as well.  Thanks for everyone who donated.  I am planning to make next year's even better!! That is be more prepared for team activities, though I did get a good amount of work done.  

All of a sudden it was Sunday afternoon, I slept, and did not go to church because I just felt so miserable with a headache, no voice (sore throat) and sniffle.  Maybe it was wrong of me but I took it as God's way of saying I could take a day of rest.  So I did, even though I had a ton of work to do - oh well! 

Which is why, the last two days were frantic - it's exhausting just thinking about it!   Literally, I don't know how I got everything done that I needed to get done but I did.  I also don't think I am sleeping well, even when I sleep for a long time, I am exhausted, so I think I am not getting good deep sleep.  I also am bummed because I broke out, so thats unfortunate, but my dermatologist said that since I am starting to use Retin-A micro, that might happen just because it is bringing all the toxins to the top, so I am hoping it will go away over the next few days, and I am blessed, breaking out for me is like a total of 3 spots, its still unfortunate though, because I hate feeling like a hormonal teenager when I am clearly in my 20s now.

However, after taking two days off from running, I was able to finally run yesterday though it was really hard! I barely made it through my 5k, I almost quit several times but I was like oh please pull yourself together.  I don't know if it was because I was sick (allergies), or I had not run in two days (if I take a day off, it's usually only for one day), or if I had psyched myself out.  Either way, I was not quickly in and out of the gym - which is probably one of the reasons, I am putting running off right now.  I know my coaches wish I was doing the team lift, and the post workouts they assigned to me but I just don't have the time or the energy.  I just need to keep my running up, and get back to doing yoga (because my back is starting to get pretty sore from the stress and what not).  I will probably come up with a work out schedule post in the future, because I love finding awesome workouts from other blogs and morphing them into my own and it lets me be OCD.  I also would love to get healthy and start eating better -- goal for this summer when I don't have a ton of food to finish up before school finishes in two weeks!!
Here is another look that I wore yesterday, taken in the varsity girl's locker room - so not so good, and still sweating after my run, even though I ran through the shower! 

Just a simple black and white look - super comfy and super easy to throw together in the morning.  That maxi skirt is from victoria's secret, and it was my favorite thing to wear in Jordan, at the end I think I almost wore it every day just because it did not make me look like such an outsider.  And it is long enough on me that it does not show my ankles - and I am wearing it pretty high here (like I always do...)!!     

OK so this post is yet again, another super long post.  But oh well! I have a lot of thoughts and I like to talk a lot so that translates into me writing a lot here on this blog! 

Before I go, just wanted to leave one more photo - thought these white and pink peonies were so beautiful!

perfect bouquet!

Thanks for reading.

With joy,


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