Sunday, May 5, 2013

When did Old Navy become awesome?


So in the past I have always been a fashion snob and preferred to shop at Bloomies or Nordstrom but as a college student, who is not earning an income, those are not such good options anymore.  As I have started to follow certain blogs, I kept finding great articles of clothing or accessories from Old Navy and constantly shocked!  All of a sudden, I found myself shopping at Old Navy online and actually going to the store.  I became a convert, and I love it!  This is my first attempt at making a collage so I hope it works! Enjoy!

Some of new favorites from Old Navy

Some of new favorites from Old Navy by adoherty44

The dresses are just phenomenal and well I love everything that I posted, from the shirts to the pajamas to the dresses.  I can visualize how I would style each one for here in NYC and also in Dallas.  While each thing is each so reasonably priced, my basket has added up to over $150 whoops!  Well hope you enjoy.

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