Monday, June 17, 2013

Just Wanted to Make a Small Post for my Dad (better late than never)!


This last week has been super busy - even this past weekend I was not able to really relax.  I had so much to do, and I still forgot about things, which I am totally bummed about.  However, this post is not about me but about my dad.

This guy is really special to me.
While he may have his faults - nobody is perfect - this man, my dad, has always found a way to support me in all aspects of my life.  He also embodies the characteristic of a hard worker, in fact, I feel like he doesn't know how to work hard.  Whether he is home, looking for a job or working for some company, he is always giving his best and I hope that I will be able to do the same when I graduate next year.

This man, though I feel like we have much better connected in the past few years, which could be because he is not traveling over 200 days of the year now, has always had me.
Even when I was a baby.  And, while he may or may not have wanted to be asleep at some of our concerts and dance recitals, he still always found a way to be there.
Even better, he found a way to be at almost all my basketball (as well as soccer/football) games in high school as well as my freshman and sophomore year.  Since he has moved to Austin, it is a bit harder now, but he still found a way to make it to one of my games.   Also, we got to go on some amazing trips, that others could only dream about, because of his work and ideas.  One of my favorites is our sailing trips to the BVI.
Now that I am much older and having the great fortune to travel on my own, he still finds a way to see me which helps me get over being homesick, like it did when I moved to Abu Dhabi for the semester.
Dad on the viewing platform in the Burj Khalifa - Dubai.  He is a pretty cool dude!  And, the way he is with L's kids, his grandkids, makes me excited for the day somewhere far off in the future for when I have kids and get to see them with the grandparents.
Mostly because they are disciplined with the kids but they also spoil them rotten.  I love it!  I also know that my dad has given up a lot by moving away from my mom for this job opportunity he got in Austin and moving into a tiny apartment that is something most college students move into, after living in our beautiful and probably too large of a home in NoVa.  There is a huge difference and quite different from what he is used too, but they decided to start working on making their dream of retiring to Austin a reality so he found a position in Austin and was able to start looking for homes.
I'd say though, at least he got the dog, but Zeus is much better off with Dad just because Mom has such a longer commute and much different hours.  Also because the home in NoVa has to be ready to be shown at any moment which a dog can make very difficult.  But back to what I was saying, he has given up a lot (including living with my mom for the past year) so that he can help make their dreams a reality.  It is kind of romantic in a way.  He also has got a handle on Austin and where the good haunts are so that way at least someone knows how to get around and where to eat in that town.  Hopefully, they will get the house they are planning to bid on, and hopefully, god willing, our house sells for the right price back in NoVa and before you know it, my dad won't have to be alone anymore.

Basically, I just want to say, I really appreciate everything my dad has done for me and continues to do.  Without his hard work, I would not be able to be living in Dallas this summer.  I miss him, and I can't wait to see him.

Love you Daddy!

Thanks for reading.

With joy,

P.S. Hopefully, if you have not gotten your card yet, it should be almost there... thank you snail mail! 

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