Thursday, June 20, 2013

My first week in Dallas


This post is about my first week in Dallas, but really it is going to be about my first weekend (not counting the Sunday that I moved in, so this is after my first week at work).  My days are pretty regular, where I wake up go for a run do some abs, eat breakfast, shower and get ready for work (makeup, make lunch/snacks and pack bag).  So Friday, I woke up sometime between 8 and 9 am which is a little later than I had been waking up but it was my first day off since work had begun so oh well.  I got going and decided to figure out how to use the metro system (DART) here.  Turned out to be fairly straightforward and easy, though very different from the metro system in NYC or even DC.

This is me on the train... how cool am I? haha I tried to be discreet as I took this selfie! 
Eventually we came above ground as we came into the downtown area of Dallas.  I thought the buildings were really cool and interesting - hence why I took so many pictures of buildings.  I am slightly obsessed with architecture though I have never taken a course on it...

So I get off the train and start walking toward the JFK Memorial hoping that the maps app on my phone is working properly!  Even if it didn't, I love walking around the city - if you have the time, it is great to wander... but I was also a bit on a time crunch because I had bought my ticket online before I left and it was for a specific time span to enter the 6th Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza.  This is located in the former Texas School Book Depository where supposedly Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK.  The Museum was actually pretty incredible and very well done.  Even though I was not alive when this happened, I was still extremely touched.  My mom always tell me that just like I remember every moment of the day of 9/11, she remembers every moment of that day. It was also interesting to explore the different theories that are bouncing around concerning the whole assassination and who was really behind it...
The grassy knoll...

After touring the Museum and the grassy knoll/overpass, I started to walk toward the original Neiman Marcus.  I stopped at a subway for a sandwich - it just seemed like the exact thing that would hit the spot at that moment - and it so did... now I want a subway sandwich now :( but after that I continued to walk toward the Neiman Marcus and came across this plaza which was a memorial to those who founded Dallas (the pioneers and original ranchers I think) and at the plaza they had a memorial for fallen cops.  I thought of my dad and brother in law.  I thought they would like this.
Continuing on my walk to the original Neiman Marcus, I cam across this beautiful garden!  It was quite large and full of wild flowers and grasses and water fountains - it was quite adorable.  I even laid down at one point just to enjoy the sun.

Across from the park was these really cool buildings!  Not sure what they are for, but the pyramid one reminded me of the Louvre.
Almost to my destination when I saw this really cool church... I just had to stop and take a picture of it.

The history of Neiman Marcus. 
So I am inside Neiman Marcus and there is a Chanel store -- I mean I just had to be the weirdo who took a selfie in front of it because I just adore Chanel (CoCo Chanel especially) I just find the brand to completely perfect and emphasize what a proper lady should look and act like... I mean doesn't everyone want a Chanel quilted purse.  I can't wait until the day where I can afford one!  It is the purse (besides a Hermes Birkin or even the more recent Celine purse)!
I already ate, but was told that I would have to come back to the Zodiac restaurant that is in the Neiman Marcus but I did get an ice tea that was super delicious.  It had fresh orange and lemons in it!!
After leaving Neiman Marcus, I continued to wander around though it was getting very hot and I saw this cool plaza area with a taco stand.  I could not capture it well enough but it was pretty cool.  After wandering for a few minutes, I eventually found a DART station and got back on the train to head back to my apartment. 
On my way back to the apartment, I stopped in the florist right by my apartment and was able to purchase some Peonies that were just gorgeous - though they were already fully blossomed/opened up so would not last very long.   The season for Peonies is so short but with moving, I had not been able to find any so these satisfied me and they smelled amazing!  Sadly, they died within a week of purchasing them but luckily for me, the Kroger's started selling them though not as big or nice, so I was able to get some more to replace these which I still have in my room now!

Just wanted to end with my desk mate.  An incoming freshman on the basketball team, who I have yet to meet, but her father stopped by and I gave him a tour and he brought me this! How kind of him and it is fairly large.  I am trying to give it enough sun and not water it too much but I hope it grows - though I have been told they grow very slow so maybe it won't grow too much.

By the way, before I forget my parents just bought a house in Austin so it is official, my family is moving to Austin!  The house sounds incredible, I only got to drive by it but I am very excited! Yay!

Thanks for reading!

With joy,


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