Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Own Recipe - though it might be a bit weird!


So over the weekend, I ate out for lunch on Friday and Saturday!

Friday I tried Campisi's Egyptian Lounge.  I thought it was Arab/Egyptian food (which I have had too much of to be honest) until I googled Italian food near me and it came up!  So after my manicure and work, I ordered a grilled chicken parm sandwich - thought I would give it a try! Ok I'm literally already drooling just thinking about it and it was so delicious! I also got to meet one of the owners and she was super nice and told me about their brunch! I think if my mom or really if my dad comes to visit me here in Dallas we would get brunch their on Sunday! But basically it was really delicious and I would have taken a picture if I hadn't been so busy enjoying it and just basking in its deliciousness! I am excited to hopefully try their fettuccine Alfredo as soon as possible!

Saturday, while I was on the DART I noticed there was an in-n-out burger between a stop and the stop I was getting off of! I figured, if I was hungry enough and would be willing to walk that far, I would maybe stop there on my way back to the apartment.  Of course I did!  As I will say many times, besides Chipotle, I really don't eat fast food - and I don't even eat that too often so for me to eat a hamburger at a fast food joint, hell must have frozen over... jk but actually, I had an in-n-out burger many many years ago in California and loved it though I admit I was a little nervous to try it again on Saturday.  But oh my goodness it was delicious! Thank goodness it is not close enough for me to willingly walk or take the DART to go to otherwise I would definitely have to amp up my workout routine!

Nom Nom! So delicious!  Of course, I am writing this while I eat a salad... so of course my brain is trying to figure out a way to get some of this deliciousness today! So yummy... And honestly, if you are going to eat a fast food cheeseburger... in-n-out is probably a very good option.  Now I heard this somewhere, but in-n-out will only open locations where it can get local produce and meat so that way nothing has to be frozen, which is probably the key to its deliciousness!

So basically what I am trying to say is that I did not get super creative and make some more lunch recipes (Sunday I was at church during lunch...).  However, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite craving foods I have been having that I discovered thanks to SN in Jordan and still love to eat now.  This was when I was still gluten free so there is NO GLUTEN in these recipes (at least I think so...) but it does not necessarily mean that they are healthy hehe.

The first recipe I am going to share with you is my scrambled egg wrap I like to eat after work!  Weirdly, it is never appeasing to me in the morning.  The only egg thing I can eat in the morning is an egg, cheese and bagel sandwich and that is after I have been doing things in the morning.  Otherwise I am much more of a carb type person in the morning - though I have 1 rule: ALWAYS EAT BREAKFAST!  I have read to many articles praising it as well as explaining how bad it is for you if you don't and I am one of those people who won't do something (or stop doing something) until I read it in an article, i.e. eating breakfast, not sleeping in my contacts, or getting skin checked every year (or even every 6 months since I am so tall and have a higher chance ... yikes!) - though I can't stop biting my nails when I get super stressed/nervous not sure why that is because I think it is super disgusting and just hate myself and I have read so many articles about it...

Ok back to what I wanted to say though was that here is the first recipe!

The following is what you are going to need:

  • 2 large eggs
  • 1-2 table spoons of tomato sauce
  • handful of light/part skim shredded Mozzarella
  • 1 corn tortilla
  • cooked black beans (if you want)
  • salt and pepper
  1. First put a knife full of butter (or I use I can't believe its not butter in to the pan) and let it melt on medium high heat.  
  2. Crack the 2 eggs and scramble them in a separate small bowl (with a fork).
  3. when butter is melted add the eggs to the pan 
  4. then add the tomato sauce and mozzarella, shortly after adding the eggs
  5. as it starts to cook on the outside begin using a wooden spoon or spatula to push the eggs around to make it scrambled.  
  6. I prefer there to be no liquid left and the eggs to be completely solid - cooked all the way through before turning off the heat and putting them on the plate
  7. quickly warm up the corn tortilla on the pan (heat is still off) - warm it on both sides by keeping it there for a few seconds
  8. take the tortilla off and fill it with the eggs for your wrap - though it isn't really a wrap since it can't be folded like a fancy wrap - you can also add salt and pepper to your liking
Sorry that the last picture is not clear!  but I hope the photos help to explain and my explanations are also very clear though I forgot to say that if you want to add some black beans (that are already cooked) just heat them in the pan after you put the eggs on your plate (before turning the heat off, but you can also quickly warm your tortilla before doing this just to make it easier that way you just add the beans on top of the eggs already in the warmed tortilla).  Maybe it sounds weird, but I absolutely love it! To me it is super delicious and pretty filling.  It also tends to give me a lot of energy and wake me up from being so tired from work.

Hopefully it inspires someone to try!  I will post another weird creation recipe later this week! Enjoy!

Thanks for reading.

With joy,


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