Thursday, June 27, 2013

My recent purchases (thanks to my mom!)


I have a busy day ahead of me but I just wanted to share real quickly some of my recent purchases over the past two months!

I hope you love them as much as I do.

 I got these beauties at J. Crew before I moved to Dallas (along with an adorable skirt ... and a shirt that I am wearing below).  They told me to size down to a 9.5 (normally I am a 10 sometimes bigger, but I agreed because the 9.5 were snug but the 10s wear almost too big and because they stretch out I did not want to walk right out of my shoes - but currently, I am still in the process of breaking them in, so a little tight/painful).  During last year's Summer Olympics in London, Kate Middleton was seen wearing blue Stuart Weitzman wedges and obviously, I could not afford those but I found these and fell in love.  If you ever check out my pinterest, I am completely obsessed with Kate Middleton.  

I think she is a lovely, well-dressed woman - princess!! Doesn't every girl want to be a princess? I mean and she handles it so well!  But I do love these shoes, and I think they are on sale now (of course...though I did get them with both my student discount and a discount in the store so I think they were about the same price they are now online! - here). 
 Again, before I moved to Texas, I was shopping at Nordstrom, and I realized, I don't own any black heels.  This was probably because I really want my own pair of Christian Louboutin, though I have to face reality and realize that I won't be getting those for quite sometime!  But a girl can dream can't she?
Swoon! -- Every girl should own at least 1 pair of Christian Louboutin's at some point in their life I feel. Check them out here

As a result, I was shopping around the Nordstrom shoe department (it was the semi-annual sale) and found these Corso Como heels, though they were not on sale, and I did not feel comfortable spending over $100 (they are 128).  I eventually found them a few weeks later, online at Amazon on major sale ($50 - I know I was worried they were fake but they are real!! And they were on clearance sale so I am just a lucky gal) 

 The light does not do these justice (sorry bad photo on my part) but these are great seafoam/light green-blue color and they are a tad baggy but I love them and I got them at the shorts sale at GAP!).  I think the sale is still going on, and if I needed more shorts or had unlimited money I would purchase all of them in every color because they are so comfortable and yet long enough that I feel comfortable being seen in public in them!  Love them!! Check them out here - at least I think these are the right ones!  Seems like an amazing sale actually has gotten better if I can scrounge up the money (and convince myself I need them) I might have to get them in light purple!  
 I don't think this is still available from GAP - I found it on a different blog (BarefootBlonde) and she mentioned that she had found it on clearance for $9.00 at her GAP, so of course I sprinted to the nearest GAP (a block away) hoping that I could find it and I couldn't see it but then I asked one of the people that worked there and she said she knew there were a few in the back and she found a Medium for me and I just love it! Super comfortable, yet light enough to even wear here!  

These are the two forever 21 dresses I mentioned in an earlier post I had bought for work! Now I have worn both of them and I have gotten great complements on both! 
 Forever 21 has activewear now, and even though I love Lululemon - I can't afford it! So I am going to stick with the pieces that I have and if I need activewear, I am going to stick to old navy, forever 21 and Victoria's Secret for now.  I mean why not?  They have great pieces that last a while and if you wait for the right time, can get them for super cheap!  Though I am currently lusting after this piece:
Even on sale they are $66, which I could spend on other things (or not spend and I don't need them...) but you can find them here
Firstly, when I started to shop at more affordable stores, I went back to Kohl's and loved it! The sales racks are a gold mine! And I already loved LC from the show Laguna Beach (did not watch the Hills after either the first or second season - definitely not with Kristen back) but I always really liked her and wanted to support her - though I admit I have never considered reading her books...maybe I should for an easy read... but I forgot that she designed clothing for Kohls and oh my goodness...They are all amazing! Now I am not saying, all them looked amazing on me, because they didn't  but her pieces are great and I love them all!  This blazer has been on clearance for a while but was able to get it recently and it still available (at least it looks like it is) online - here.  I actually have it on my to do list to check out some of the newly available stuff and see if there is anything I would be interested in getting!  I mean, it is totally fashionable - in season - in vogue (haha just said that) but it doesn't cost a fortune (like forever 21) so I love it.  All my pieces I own that are from this brand, I have always received compliments every time I wore them.  

Took this picture (#selfie) on the escalator heading to the DART last Friday - I included it because I wanted to show you the J. Crew linen shirt (I mentioned above) and my awesome floral cap!  I have three baseball caps that I love to wear.  This forever 21 floral cap, that always makes me stand out, my NY Yankees cap, that I had to replace because somewhere in Jordan, I misplaced it - I have my hat in some photos and eventually I no longer have it, and lastly my Cayman Islands hat that is really worn out but my dad bought it for me and I am just one of those people that if someone I love gives me something I never let it go!  I just absolutely love it and wear it/use it as much as possible, no matter how dorky it is!   

Before I forget, I just went through a whole change in skin regiment because I normally have great skin but since I have moved down here, my skin is dry and so I had to overcompensate with moisturizer which caused me to break out....not fun! So my allergies get much better but my skin takes a noise dive.  I did some research and was able to figure out what I needed to do! And it was so nice, when I walked into work today, the receptionist commented that my skin looked great and was glowing...haha I thought wow yay - wedding glow haha jk nowhere near close to ever having that (don't even have a "man friend" as my mom would say....).  But still it was really nice! And, since it worked for me I figured I would share it....soon!!

Here is a sneak peak - it includes me looking like a green witch! I don't plan on looking like this every night - more like once a week or every two weeks - depending on how my skin does...

Of course, even though I had yesterday off, I did not work on organizing my photos so not quite ready to post pictures from this last weekend or of Jordan! But I plan to do that tomorrow, while I relax at the pool -- now that I have bathing suits (because my packages are arriving) I can "chillax" at one of the three pools!  How will you be enjoying your weekend??

Thanks for reading!

With joy,


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