Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Workout Schedule for this Week


It is that time of week (I am getting better on the timing) to post about how last week went and how this week is going and I hope it will end up!

Last week, I think I did better though did not come close to doing all that I wanted to do!  But hey, we are not perfect...and still doing something is better than not doing anything!!

So hear it goes... Last week:

I know I am a workout fanatic but I honestly love the way you feel after workouts and I also love to eat... and since I can't seem to be able to eat everything in sight without putting on some lbs (anymore, I used to be the bottomless pit!) I need to workout...plus my senior season and year is coming up and a) I want to do amazing this coming year with my team but I also b) want to look great and if you start early hopefully it will carry through once I am working (god willing!) somewhere I will continue to make time for working out.  Also, since my freshman year in college, I have been into long distance running (especially outside - though it has been quite muggy and hot even  in the evenings here) so for me just running a quick 2 miles is something I can easily do and feel like I accomplished something though I am disappointed that I have not been working harder to increase my mileage I want to get back to 10k shape!

But I know that I need to take it slow or I will get some ankle/knee pain which I don't need slowing me down/stopping me!  It is always better to take it slow than to hurt yourself (how many years has it taken me to learn that???) and also to have a positive attitude about it, so you didn't do a 5k but hey you still did 2 miles more than someone else, and that is 2 more miles of mileage on your tennis shoe (or however long you run/walk or how far you go)!

This is this week so far and hopefully to come - notice there is a lot of question marks toward the end and that is because I am realizing that depending on what I do I might be getting a lot of cardio by just doing some long distance walking out in the sun while exploring Dallas, or not...it also depends on scheduling so I know I will work out, I just also want to see what happens to pop up (especially how the weather behaves)!

I am just loving this pilates beginner challenge workout that I have finally committed to (since Sunday - I had tried to start it earlier but failed to keep it up).  You can find the schedule here and while the girl can be a little to upbeat for me I do enjoy the videos and that they are not super long so I can't make an excuse that I don't have time to do them.  She made it really easy! And I love some of the recipes she provides on her blog as well as other exercises - I have done the Victoria's Secret Models ab workout before and after doing it, while I was sweating, I did not feel anything but then I woke up the next morning for practice and man I was hurting and it continued for the next three days.  I could not laugh without hurting so ever since then I have been in awe as well as a little bit of fear of that workout and I am planning to do it tonight... but as I said, I have three pools and I really need to start taking advantage of them but I want to get rid of any evidence that I went through finals a few weeks ago!

Also, again I don't know if anyone is following or reading this but I am almost done organizing all my photos on iPhoto - which is super exciting - and also means I can finally finish my posts about Jordan and eventualyl Abu Dhabi as well as post about my first two weekends (exploring) here in Dallas.

As always, thanks for reading.

With joy,


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