Thursday, June 6, 2013

Quick Visit in Austin


So Tuesday was my first full day at my summer internship! I really love it.  I love that I feel that I can make an impact here and start changing the world -- I know it is a bit corny but I want to leave this world knowing I made it better off than before I left - I would hope that everyone would want to do that, I mean I can't imagine people coming into this world wanting to make this world worse off, I think it is more likely that people are more focused on themselves or own personal issues which prevents them from doing good in this world but also my everything is black and white either... My mom always says, things become a lot more grey as you get older!  Not sure how I am going to achieve my goal since I am so passionate so many things but at least here I feel like I am making a little bit of an impact helping to liberate women!  I won't go any further into my ideology or politics but I am really happy!

Also, everyone is so nice here and I love everyone's clothing! As I thought it would be, the office is pretty formal but southern preppy type formal! Which I love! I would love to find me a southern man who loves to wear a bow tie haha -- a girl can dream can't she?!?

Well before I get anymore carried away with Dallas, I want to talk a bit more about Austin! My dad is so great, he is living in this tiny apartment (basically a dorm like space) over his old friend's garage while we sell our old house and buy a new one in Austin! I bet it's rough but at least he gets Zeus! So when I arrived, I met my dad's friends who were super nice! And then we walked to this diner like place where I had a delicious grilled Tuna salad! So delicious!! 

It was at the Galaxy:

Sorry for the not so good photo!  But as I said, it was really nice and real easy! My dad loves their fries!

The rest of the night we just relaxed outside looked at some of the photos I scanned watch Zeus try to eat a bee and realize that was not a good idea.  It was a nice evening! 

The next morning we were up super early because Zeus had a doctors appointment which was good because he had a bit of an ear infection - goldendoodles tend to get them because of their long floppy ears! As you can imagine I took a ton of pictures of Zeus! He is just so cute and I had to share them with my sissy! But I will include those at the end so there will just be a marathon of cuteness to end this post!

After Zeus' doc visit, we returned back to the apartment to grab a quick bite before heading to the Y to run/workout! I didn't realize how badly my allergies were affecting my breathing until I was running, I had only taken 1 day off but my allergies were still there from Virginia that I had trouble just doing 2 miles when normally I can do alot more so I ended up walking quite a bit but burned 500 calories so I was happy in the end.  

After we both showered and got ourselves to look presentable plus finish an episode of kitchen raiders - I love me some HGTV! We were able to go get lunch and then do some touring of Austin! We ate at this real hole in the wall place but it was so delicious!! It is a Cajun restaurant and I had the most amazing dish garlic shrimp over rice and French bread... Definitely not low in calories but so good! And really filling! 

After that, my dad drove me past the capital and back to the Y to park so that we could walk around! 

I honestly wish I had taken more photos but I was so mesmerized by the outdoor environment! I loved it! I am a big outdoors person and love exercising and enjoying the outdoors so I was just taking it all in.  After walking around for a few minutes we decided to go view our possible future house that my parents like its outside if downtown Austin and closer to Lake Travis! After looking at that house as well as another one, my dad decided to take me to see the lake at this famous restaurant that looks onto the lake: the oasis! 

We just enjoyed the view and talking while my dad and I shared a homemade guac dish (I know it had not been too Lon since we ate earlier but what can I say we are kind of like bottomless pits - I can always eat until I'm super full... And that does not even include dessert)!  

Sadly, because of the drought, the lake is about 40 feet lower than it should be but it was still nice and we saw a bunch of power boats and sailboats out cruising enjoying the nice weather on the weekend.

After that we happened upon an open house in the area and looked at some more houses before heading back to downtown Austin for dinner.  We ate at the sister restaurant to te Galaxy whih is just down the street from her and same type of set up but instead it was Mexican and it was delicious! I snarled it down and could really go for some right now! 

We then made it an early night because we had to get on the road next morning to get to Dallas by noon!  So I curled up watched some House Hunters International and munched on my favorite snack of the moment: cheddar chex mix 

While on the way to Dallas, we passed through Waco and some other cities but it was relatively flat and had me thinking about all the tornados that have popped up in the last week and I realized I have never lived in an area where they can really occur.  Scary thought! And it also just made my heart hurt thinking about how nature, which has given us so much has so much power to so easily take it away!  And we have no control over it! 

Views from my dads car as we approached Dallas! 

Ok so finally going to end with some photos of my Zeus! Goodness I miss him but it is at least a bit mitigated by my roommates cat - who is the friendliest and people person cat I have ever met! 

Too many?? That is probably more than enough for now but yes! I just love him so much!!

Here is a photo of miss Bernadette the cat that I get to live with this summer!  I think we get one another which is nice... I guess a dog lover can also be a cat lover... At least when it comes to this cat!!

Thanks for reading!

With joy,


P.S. I did this entire blog post from my phone say what?? Though it did kill my battery!! 

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