Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer Workout


A big part of my life is basketball... And I am preparing to go into my senior and last year of school and basketball (at least for baskeball, it will be my last year).  I really want to make this a strong year, with the new coaches we have and my teammates I feel really good about this upcoming season!! I also want to make sure I don't suffer any major injuries (which I usually do...) - so everyone knock on wood for me * - but I want to train really hard.  The last two weeks before I moved, done with finals and home I started running about 5 miles on the treadmill though I would walk some parts and all while I watched Castle on my laptop.  Now that I am all settled in, it is time to "get down to business!" <-- anyone else visualizing Mulan??

As I have mentioned before, I love challenging my body and also trying new things! This summer I have to run, train for basketball, and prevent injuries!  I would love to do a kickboxing or self defense class but that might be asking a bit too much right now! I love running and with the small fitness facility that I have in my apartment complex, I can run and do some weights for free.  But I honesty hate weights - my body tends to react real quickly and my muscles bulk up huge real fast and my back tends to go out frequently when doing weights (that or walking up stairs) so if I can find other ways to strengthen my body I hopefully will but if I can't then I will have to return to the weights because I can't let me team down!  I am also hopefully going to get to shoot and play pickup at the SMU gym but I have to figure all those details out! Lastly, I have found a yoga studio right across the street so I had no excuse to not go to yoga (though yesterday's was I slept the whole evening and missed the classes) but it is ok because I have not signed up or sort the money yet so yeah...

But, I have become obsessed with this website! It is called Blogilates

And I have decided to do the 30 day Pilates challenge.  I love it so far because the workouts are all under a 1/2 hour so I can fit them in after I run in the morning or sometime in the evening.  Though I am hoping today, I want fall fast asleep after work and I will actually be able to go across the street to my new yoga studio and start taking classes.  I am on Day 2 of the 30 day Pilates challenge and I have only done one of the ab workouts this morning and I plan to do the other this evening.  But I love how she organized it and it is all so easy to access.

I found this sight when I was looking for some great ab workouts, usually I just stick to Fitness (like the magazine, but it is the website) but I got tired of that and was googling and this came up.  And also S mentioned that her friend liked this website so I was googling and found this amazing ab workout -- The Victoria Secret Model Ab Workout (this is the actual video, when I went to copy the link from her website it was actually just the general ab body focus area, so I went to youtube and found her video so you can directly go to the video)!

My current workout regime/goal for this week is this:

Blue is for the days I have already done.
Orange is for today!
Green is the goals -- what I have to do this week!! (hopefully I succeed)

At the end of this week I will let you know how I did! And, give an update, plus a new workout schedule for next week!

If you are not into running long distance, which sometimes I am not always into, here is another great workout:

I found this off of one of my favorite blogs - barefoot blonde, but she actually took it from a different one (I think the blonde ponytail).  My only modification is that I do 50 sit ups/different ab workouts instead of only 30!  It is really hard and sometimes if I don't feel like doing tons of different workouts I just do this one! I do the first two rounds on the tread mill at 8.0 mph and then slowly decrease from there! 

Hope this gave you some ideas - but if no one is reading at least it helped me organize my workouts and ideas for this summer! 

Thanks for reading!

With joy,


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