Monday, June 24, 2013

Things that remind me of this past week :)


Hope y'all had a good weekend!  As always mine flew by super fast!! I can't wait to show my pictures though I probably took way too many - especially at the aquarium!  I just thought I would share some pics that I took last week! 

In news that I am really excited about, I started and finished my first week of the beginner pilates challenge off of the blogilats website!  I also got S to start it too! I am on day 8, and plan to do it this evening after running.  I fell in love with the stretching video from day 2 or day 4 not sure which one but I do it now every morning and evening (usually to do before I start exercising).  There is two videos for stretching that she has you do in the first week, I try to alternate them - they hurt so good!  Plus I need to regain some of my flexibility back from the time when I used to do yoga every day - speaking of that, I have decided that instead of joining a studio, I am going to do some research on youtube and find a good yoga video (or more) so that I can just do it in my apartment!  

My outfit one day last week! Love me some pink pants! My mom actually pointed these out to me and to be honest, this was the first time I wore them and I loved them! I can't wait to wear them again!  p.s. I am wearing that new forever 21 dress today so I will have to make sure I take pics!  Though I am covering it up with my white shawl because I did not wear it with a blazer and I am so cold in the office! 

 Thought this machine was cool!! gives you clean water! - basically a more advanced brita system that I don't have to fill up in the sink every time I use it! 

A delicious pluot! I am hooked! I just love these genetically engineered mixed deliciousness.  My mom introduced me to them a few years ago at the farmer's market and I just love their taste!  I have had one almost every day this last week since I saw them appear at the Kroger's.   Though, I would like to try shopping at the Central Market just because people really like to talk about it!  Hopefully it has more organic/healthier options than the Kroger but cheaper than the Whole Foods.  Will let you know if I get to visit it sometime soon! 
 My salad that was way too big for me but I still enjoyed! It is really simple, I pull of four leaves of lettuce (not romaine but has redness at the end...) clean them dry them and cut them up.  Then cut up celery, cucumber, carrots and tomatoes (though it looks like I forgot the tomatoes that day!) and then just use olive oil salt and pepper for dressing (though I do enjoy adding lemon sometimes!).
 Snack - almonds, though I can only eat a few every day! 

 I took these after my morning tour of SMU's law school, but these are of the main part of campus, but goodness me, SMU is gorgeous.  And these were taken while it was raining lol! 

Just wanted to end with some pictures of Bernadette (hope I am spelling that correctly!).  She is just a hoot!  I do love hanging out with her in the apartment!  

Thanks for reading.

With joy,


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