Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Workout Schedule!


Last week went by so fast - and last night and this morning as well, sorry for being a little behind!!

Here is how I did last week:

Again, not hitting everything but I am at least doing a little something every day! I will also tell you, when I spend a day exploring and walking literally everywhere, like I did this past Friday, I am exhausted through the next day! Saturday, I was supposed to go to the zoo but I could not wake up until noon, I did not even hear my alarm!!! I can't wait to share my photos from my adventure last Friday!  And even better news I am now finishing up all the jordan photos so I can share those with you and even though we are only on week 5, I realize that I only have two posts really to share Week 5 and week 6, the last two weeks I guess I will share (so 3 posts) but they will be combined because all SN and I did was escape to a nice hotel in Amman and sleep in air conditioning while treating ourselves to real food.  It was miserable to have to go back to Irbid each time but at the end we figured out an arrangement that made it easier the last few days in Irbid before we flew back to NYC and then home!!   Can't wait to share those with you though! Then we have Abu Dhabi and my semester there!

Before I forget, here is my schedule for this week:

As you can tell, today is a busy day for me and I hope to hit everything on it!  I also just bought 3 dvds because I decided that I would much prefer just doing the yoga in my room (I have already been going to classes for 2 years) and I am so tired after work that even the thought of going across the street and down a block is too much to bare, and alot of times I get in the mood to do yoga when there is not a yoga class to go too, so I started watching videos online and then remembered some great dvds I had before I lost my collection of dvd's on the way back to DC from Abu Dhabi.... or maybe hopefully they are somewhere in the house packed but regardless I decided to replace them and keep those handy!  The three dvds I bought are:


I love all three of these dvds...and they each are good workouts, though nothing can really capture the routine one does at Yoga to the People in St. Marks Square, but I can work with these and youtube videos to try to get back to my yogi routes!   The last one is just a great workout and I used it alot in Jordan, at night after I would run at the track though it is nothing compared to the Insanity workouts but you can find those online!  I will have to see if I can fit the 30 day shred into my workout schedule but it is already pretty full!

Thanks for reading.

With joy,


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