Monday, July 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Mer!


Today is my little sister's birthday!  She is turning 20!  Which is weird...because that means I am almost 22.  You know you are getting older when your little sister is halfway through college and turning 20.  It always gets me.  Just thought I would share some photos and wish my little sister a wonderful birthday.  She really deserves it!  She is working so hard this summer to earn some money and also get experience I am really proud of her!  She also declared a major and I hope that she likes it more than I like mine!  Her's at least sounds interesting!  Mine can be interesting but it also can be super boring!  Oh well, hopefully it still means I will get a job after I graduate.

Mer, we've been stuck with each other for 20 years now.  And though you know how to drive me crazy, like only you can, you do know me better than anyone else.  It makes me sad that we aren't even in the same state anymore, and though both our communication skills could be better, we still both make the effort and I know we will hopefully get to see each other at least once before the hectic life of school starts up again.
Some say we look completely alike, others say we look nothing alike.  Personality wise, I would say we are pretty different but yet still can end up liking the same stuff!  But it is good that we are different because we push each other to do stuff that we wouldn't normally do and gets us out of our comfort zone!  I need to work on being more social, and letting loose a bit, and you definitely do try to get me to be like that when we are together.  And, I do appreciate it.  I am definitely not comfortable like that but I know you have my back and there are days where I wish I was more like you in that respect.  

I mean, you have always been able to strike a pose and make a joke out of anything!  I am probably way to serious for my age (what am I now? 45?? but seriously...) I do need to sometimes act more my age and less like the middle aged grandma that I was born to be.  Thanks for always trying to make me less serious and make me laugh or at least change the subject when I was stuck in one of my rants. 
Look at us...we are smexy! Our life in one picture = Food + Gameboy (probably pokemon) and on a sailboat -- What a life! Good times... man I do miss those times! We have to try to get the parents to take us on another sailboat excursion... just for old times sake (and before they stop paying my bills)!  
I just can't believe we have grown up.  I mean 20 means you are no longer a teenager but now a real adult... and yes you are still young and can have fun, but Mer I mean we are almost on our own and I just hope you enjoy these last two years in college because goodness, where did the last 20 go??  But I know you are going to have a blast, I guess it is me that needs to learn how to live more in the moment and enjoy college.  
By the way, I am not quite sure what I have been trying to say other than I love you and hope you have a fantastic Birthday!  You definitely deserve it! It sounded like mom did treat you to a fantastic dinner! And I hope today goes well as well!  I can't wait to see you (hopefully soon in Austin)! I always love seeing you (and I wish we could get to Indiana to see the family but it might not happen this Summer but definitely sometime soon), though it doesn't appear that you were to happy to see me in this photo I mean :)  This was our first night in the Caymans from Spring Break 2012.  I realized I don't really have any photos of you (or you and me together) since then :( how sad...  Also, thanks for putting up with me - I know I can be a handful!

Well MerBear, Happy Birthday! Hope you didn't mind this little tribute and just wanted to let you know I love you!

Happy 20th Birthday!

Thanks for reading.

With joy,


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