Thursday, July 11, 2013

My 5 Minute Summer Makeup Regiment!


Again, no idea if anyone read this but this is letting me organize my makeup so it can help me better do my own makeup in the morning.  I also follow a tong of blogs as I mentioned and a bunch of them did recently their summer makeup and it inspired me so this is what happens.

I literally wake up every morning, do some emails/work and eat breakfast, stretch, go for a run and then get ready for work in less than a half hour.  I literally spend the least amount of time in the morning for getting ready but that is just how it is...

Ok so I normally am almost albino pale, literally people think there is something wrong with me for most of the time but with me moving to Dallas, I realized that being that pale would not be good so I started buying Jergens for my face and body (with SPF of course) and I apply it every morning and sometimes at night - usually right after I shower and dry off.

You can find them at Walmart or most drugstores - here and here

I then always get dressed before putting makeup on because well with my luck if I did my makeup first it would then be all over my shirt/dress for the rest of the day.

So for my quick take on makeup, I always start with a tinted moisturizer (during the summer that is).  I love Laura Mercier - found here - it is definitely an investment but so worth it!  I would suggest that you should go to a Nordstrom and have they match you to the color... because it is tinted you want to make sure it is not obvious that you are wearing makeup... I am tempted to try the Olay CC cream because I have heard some pretty good things about it - that and the Garnier BB Cream.  Though the BB cream may be only good for under foundation so don't take my word on it... but I have heard you can just wear the Olay CC cream (though I would have to check to see if it had spf/sunscreen).  Here you can find them here and here


If you are paler, like I am for most of the year, I am a big fan of Aveeno positively radiant with SPF.  It is good for when you don't want to wear makeup but need to wear sunscreen! Big fan... plus Jennifer Anniston is the face of Aveeno now...kind of cool - love the commercials.  You can find it here.

OK so you don't need to much of either and apply it all over your face (I use my fingers but I guess you could use a sponge for this...don't feel like you have too though).

Sometimes I put on bronzer in circular pattern with a blush brush.  My current bronzer is amazing and is from Clinique but again is not too cheap but it does also have SPF so that is good too... maybe too much SPF? is that a thing?  But no I do love it...I also realized I was running out of it recently so I bought a much much cheaper option from NYC brand...I think it might be a good backup but I have become quite attached to my clinique bronzer so I might stay with that but keep the NYC brand around for emergencies.  You can find the clinique here and the NYC here.

My blush is a tester from clinique - my mom and I also seem to buy clinique products right when they are giving away their gift bags so for the most part my lipstick has been free and so has been my eye shadow and blush - thanks clinique!

It might be this...but it is has more of a pink tinge but isn't too much!  Again, I got it for free and is only a sample that I just swipe on my cheekbones.

I then focus on my eyes and apply eye liner - I am obsessed with Chanel's eye liner in brown (found here) and Trish McEvoy eye liner in blue (found here -- but they don't seem to have blue).  Both go on super softly which is great because I wear contacts and they don't bother them at all when I apply my eye liner super quickly.

I then use FLOWER mascara - which I am completely obsessed with.  FLOWER is Drew Barrymore's brand found at Walmart but despite its low cost, it is actually made with high quality ingredients and manufactured where high quality products are made.  I am obsessed and the wand is magical!  Check it out here.  But seriously I do love the brand and I own her concealor that is also a brightener and I use it more than my Laura Mercier concealor! No joke! Super incredible!  The lipstick is also quite nice!

I usually tend to finish the look with "filling in" my eyebrows.  So I was blessed with having like little to no hair on my body, but as a result my eyebrows are quite thin and I literally never have to get them waxed - I groom them about once a year no joke with a pair of tweezers (it is also why my hair on my head is so thin :( so its not all good but it is worth it to not have to shave every day).  But I just like to make sure they are defined and my friend turned me onto Smashbox Brow tool and I am obsessed.  I literally can not live without it!  You can find it here.  It is definitely worth every penny.

Usually I am done and throw my hair up and it is time to run out the door.  I don't really do anything for my lips though I do use the Body Shop's lip scrub every morning (found here) and usually then just use Smith lip balm (you can always find at Sephora but its cheaper here here) throughout the day - always have it on me all year long - it is also my basketball lucky charm that I like to have with me during the game! Literally best thing ever invented.  Though if I decide to make the time for it I usually just use one of my sample clinique lipsticks or use one of my favorite lip glosses -- Trish McEvoy lip gloss or another tester from Clinique (or even one of my remaining lip glosses from Elizabeth Arden).  But really it is usually the Trish McEvoy lip gloss (found here) that I bought last year! It is awesome!


I know the post was a bit long... but really the whole thing takes less than 5 minutes.  I think I have done it in more like 3 minutes.  It also isn't too hard to do in the car (though I do not to do anything other than drive when you are driving/operating a motor vehicle).

Thanks for letting me babble on... It is late - but actually just super early... my goal is to get the posts up sooner than when I have been doing but it means getting back on track and working on the posts way ahead of time!

Thanks for reading.  

With joy,


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