Tuesday, July 16, 2013

my new bathing suits


Well I am almost at 1000 page views which is pretty cool since I only started the blog in May (I think?) and that is pretty cool!  I feel bad because this was not the post that I wanted to do today but I had worked on this earlier and it was almost done and I have been super busy the last few days that I haven't had time to really work on the posts that I wanted to post this week.  

I have never been big on sitting by the pool but I have rather preferred to be the one playing in the pool or ocean.  That is unless I fall asleep then I am fine laying down... But over this weekend I finally got to spend some time reading while soaking up some vitamin d by one of the pools in my complex! Which was really nice and I definitely got some color... So I thought I would share some of the bathing suits I got for this summer as well as some that I want.  I haven't really had time to spend at the pool or in a place where a bathing suit is a staple so I had not invested in any new bathing suits for years... Yikes! I love my old ones but they were getting ratty and well I don't look like I did 2 years ago let alone what I looked like in high school.  So here we go:

Forever 21 - this was one of the first ones I ordered I liked that it wasn't expensive, a basic swimsuit but still had a bit of flare to it... And my mom pointed out to me that I had learned to surf on this beach (it is Kauai beach) so it is even more special to me!

Forever 21 - I did not think I was going to like this bathing suit but it has grown on me and it is a little different for me and I love to push myself to wear things that are different ...Sometimes...

Old Navy- I got this before I left for Dallas it was in the clearance section and was only $9 but again it was a little different and I needed bathing suits so I went for it because I am not a fan of spending a fortune on so little pieces of fabric.  I mean honestly, I may lust after those super expensive ones but I just can't justify purchasing them! 

Victoria's Secret - I got a different pair of bottoms because I wanted more coverage. But I do love this bathing suit though it is a bit sexy and I haven't been brave enough to wear it yet... But I recommend it because it does make you look good!
Victoria's Secret - I love this style - the bandeau - it is my favorite style and I also love this color because it makes you look tan!  I have already worn it and loved it!


Victoria's Secret - though it doesn't appear to be in my size anymore... But there are variations of it in other styles and I think it might also be sold at the mall in fact... Going to check it out... after the other one I purchased from Victoria's Secret in a similar style turned out to look awesome! I am ready to get this one in black - as long as the price stays low! 

There is also one other one from j. Crew but unless the price drops it is not worth it to me! 

Thanks for reading!

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