Monday, July 22, 2013

New week... New post?


Over the weekend, I decided to make this blog private because I don't find it appropriate that I continue to share my life so publicly when I want to be able to work for the government one day.  But I explain that in the below post.  

I did not do much this weekend other than sleep, workout, watch some movies and tv.  Very casual weekend, just me and Bernadette hanging curled up on my bed or on the couch eating food like only I can... Oh and I almost forgot, I did get to go to my first bachelorette party on Friday and it was very classy not at all like they do it in the movies.

The food at the bachelorette party was phenomenal!  Yoli's, the bride, family owns a tex-mex restaurant and I have had the fortune to try some of the food there and it is phenomenal.  There was some of that at the party as well as finger sandwiches and other selections.  Not sure what was my favorite us the strawberry cake was delicious (I wish I had gotten a photo of it...).  I wasn't quite sure what to get her for her party, so I plan to give it to her later this week a little something hopefully before the wedding on Friday! It is going to be a Victoria's Secret gift card or I might just go to bed bath and beyond and get her something that she registered for.  

Let's see... The rest of the weekend I relaxed with Bernie, crossed of things on my to do list including cleaning the entire apartment and getting back into working out full time.  Hopefully today I will make it into the gym to get back on track for basketball.  It is hard though because the girls have decided to start playing pickup after their 6 am workouts so that means pickup at 7 am which is hard to do for me unless I can force myself to go to bed before midnight - like I should be doing but my body really likes to nap for several hours after work which means I'm usually up to almost 1 but this is me saying no more! Bed before midnight ideally 11 am.  Along with that I also am trying to become healthier and sort of follow this "diet" though it really isn't a diet it is just trying to be healthier... I came across it on lc's blog (here). Besides advising get 7-8 hours of sleep and going to bed before midnight to then wake up with the sun it also suggests that one does not eat 2-3 hours before going to bed.  That is a really good idea for me and I want to try to accomplish that but it is difficult if you fall asleep till 8 or 9 and then need to workout and do work...

I finally finished watching body of proof... It was ok, the lead actress is really good but the stories could be a bit forced and what not.  But it finally allowed me to start watching Veronica Mars, and I will admit I had see some episodes at some point in my life many years earlier but really don't remember the show all to well but with all the publicity it has gotten for how they are making the movie, I decided to watch the show. I am so glad that I did because it is like a combination of 90210 and psych though not as funny.


I also had the opportunity to see Red2 (showing at the theater right behind my apartment complex and I also discovered an Irish pub though did not go in) which was good. I'd say quite a few bangs but the actors were all awesome, I mean how could they not be and the story made more sense the the most recent die hard and I am definitely hoping to see it again with my dad in a week or so... Also, it tells you how much I love red because I was willing to pay to go to a movie theater, I literally never do that!  Especially because it is always over $10 to go which is preposterous to me... But I went this weekend and surprisingly the ticket was only $8 but still $8 too much in my opinion but oh well...

I also saw the Croods and re-watched intolerable cruelty on Netflix... Both good.  The Croods was cute and funny but pretty predictable but it made me laugh and feel good so I guess that has something to say for itself and intolerable cruelty is an oldie but goodie that has awesome actors and an interesting story though I am never quite sold on whether they truly love each other but I do think it offers an investing perspective on marriage in today's world, especially in the USA. 

I plan to get back to updating my workout schedules here to keep me on track! That will be tomorrow's post with maybe a recipe if I'm lucky enough to get that far!

By the way, do you think it will be a boy or girl for the beautiful Duchess?  I want it to be a girl but I feel like it is going to be a boy for some reason...

Thanks for reading.

With joy,


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