Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Packing for Austin


So I am one of those people who lays out outfits before I pack in order to try to cut down on the amount of clothing I bring with me to a place.  It doesn't usually work, but it lets my OCD run wild and I love going through my closet.  Sometimes you forget about a shirt or pair of pants that you have.  So I decided to take pictures of the outfits I decided to bring with my for my three night really three day (I wouldn't count Tuesday as a day in Austin) trip for the Fourth of July!

Firstly, I was blessed to have a good friend of mine (S) who travels each summer (but maybe not this year :( ) to Luxembourg.  And because of the way the EU works, and because Longchamp is manufactured there (I think?) it is far cheaper to buy it there, even with the euro conversion than it is to buy it in the USA.  I'd also say that I noticed that European brands in Abu Dhabi were cheaper than they are in the USA but American brands were much more expensive there.  But my "suitcase" for quick trips where I don't want to have any real luggage is usually either my Longchamp duffel, that expands (and I love) or my NYU Varsity Basketball bag.  This trip I used my Longchamp:
Here is the link and mine is in brown - but I do like the black. 

I own quite a few pieces from Longchamp but I also don't think I have ever bought a single piece in the USA.  I definitely bought a few of them when I lived in Germany for that summer a few years ago, and then on subsequent trips.  I just never saw the value in spending almost a $100 more when I was going so often there though I haven't been in several years now, but now I have S and her mom to go for me!  

But back to my packing... I used that and my Longchamp tote to carry everything:

Here is the link - and again mine is a different color, lavender.

Normally, I would never advocate for something so expensive but I love them especially for traveling because they fold up into themselves and make it so much easier to pack.  They survived High School, backpacking through Germany, overpacking in College - plus traveling for basketball, Jordan, Israel and Abu Dhabi.  This one especially is a great size because it won't be too heavy but fits most of everything you need to bring on a  bus/train/airplane with you.  And, because you forked over a pretty penny for these, Longchamp is willing to fix them when they start to rip at the corners or something.  Though they didn't clean my bag so I guess I have to figure that out... 

By the way, especially on airplanes when I am not traveling for basketball, I bring my longchamp tote or duffel depending on how long I am traveling for and my north face backpack, which I doubt they carry anymore - though I bet they have an updated version but man do I love it.  It cost a good fortune as well but they always fix it up when I need it to get fixed.  I have a Jansport but it does not carry nearly enough though it is cute and small and because its small it probably is better for my back (but not good for my hoarding!).  Speaking of backpacks, I really want CamelBak!  SC had one when we were skiing up at my condo in Beaver Creak and it was such a good idea - especially because I am constantly drinking water, and since I really want to do more outdoor activities (i.e. hiking, camping, biking, etc), one could really come in handy!  Like this one from REI - though if I was to buy one, I would definitely get the opinion of everyone at REI before buying it:
Here is the link

Honestly, I feel like that is the only real travel bag that I am missing, I have phenomenal suitcases that my mom got me before I moved to Abu Dhabi, and I have an awesome backpacking backpack that I lugged around for 10 days with me in Germany and Austria.  I mean don't get me wrong, I could always go for more "things" especially like a LV tote, Celine tote, or even a MK tote, but I don't necessarily count those as travel gear.  

Ok, now that I finished that thought, I can return to what I really wanted to talk about/show, which is what I brought to Austin.  When I asked my parents for what we would be doing each day, I got a few different responses, but I basically deduced, we may or may not go swimming one of the days (including the day before my mom arrived with my victoria secret swim suits, so I had to bring my own) and I may or may not be going to lunch with my dad and his employees, we might go for a nice lunch/lunner before I leave so I was able to come up with some outfits that fit those requirements but also allowed for me to lounge but still be seen in public.  
 These were more of my casual pieces that I could fit together in different ways, though not pictured here is a new dress I had gotten from H&M for $10 that I threw in at the last moment because I had the room and why not.  Turns out I am glad I brought it, because that's what I wore to the lunch with my dad and his employees.  Otherwise, I had my shorts from Gap, my striped silk shirt from Forever 21, my spotted jeans from LC's line at Kohls, my maxi dress from Forever 21, and my cardigan from Ralph Lauren.  All pieces that are comfortable but also flexible for different events.
 This was more of my lounging gear, though I did wear the scarf onto the bus!  It's a look-a-like Alexander Wang skull scarf though it was on clearance when I bought it from BP for $9 instead of the couple hundred the AW one runs for.  Actually the rest is all from Forever 21, and I will say, I did lounge around for the most part in my romper, but we did go swim at the pool on July 4th, so I did get to wear my one-piece and my new shorts.  My mom actually really liked the look and it turns out the beach on my swimsuit is Waikiki beach in Hawaii, where I learned to surf.  How unreal?!?
This was my fancy shamncy outfit for the nice lunch we went too at the Austin Club where my dad is a member.  I actually did not end up wearing the blazer but I brought it for just in case.  The blazer is new from H&M for only $15 because of the awesome sale that was going on...I don't know if it still is but I hope that it is... from the blogs I read, I already found two more items that I want :).  I also included this super comfortable 3/4 sleeve ralph lauren tee/top its really nice and I have it both in navy and red.  I've worn the red one a ton to work and is just super comfortable and looks fantastic.  The skirt is also new and from express and can be found here. I actually saw it on a blog and I went to the store the same day and had to have it.  It seriously is the perfect length so that I can wear it to work but also wear it out and about running errands or even go out to dinner/evening plans in it!
This outfit was my traveling there outfit.  I have traveled on my fair share of buses (especially to and from NYC and DC) so I know that they can get rather warm, or be freezing cold, they are rarely the perfect temperature so I planned for that.  I brought my light sweater from GAP, clearance, and my j.crew chinos (yes, like Jennifer Anniston, I am obsessed though because I am so tall, I have to wear them more as capris rather than ankle length) and my Jack Roger sandals (which now that they are broken in, are super comfortable).  

Besides these items that I brought, I also brought some clothing that I hadn't used since I arrived, for my mom to bring back but honestly it wasn't too much so I am going to really have to figure out how to get all my stuff home...

Thanks for reading.

With joy,


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