Monday, July 1, 2013

Review of last week!


I know, I know... I need to post about my third weekend in Dallas, and the last two posts concerning my time in Jordan (and Israel).  I don't have my laptop currently with me so I can't access those photos but they shall be up soon!!

My weekend was not at all busy but in fact quite the opposite very calm, but it still flew by.  Friday, I did do some exploring.  I used public transportation to get me to the Dallas Galleria Mall and both explored the mall as well as shopped.  My mom probably is not to happy with me, but July 4th brings out all the amazing sales.  Speaking of which - go to H&M!! I got two dresses and an amazing blazer for less than $35 total!! It was incredible - I am actually wearing the blazer today :)

At the mall, by the ice rink - it is was very nicely decorated for the 4th of July (yay it's this week!).

Me walking from the bus to the mall.  In the 106 degree heat - yes I was smart...though I wore a cute slit maxi skirt and a nice light 3/4 sleeve tee and this hat! Man, this hat kept me cool! thank goodness!
I had lunch at Potbelly - I was going to eat at the restaurant below Mi Cocina, because I had heard amazing things about it but the thought of Mexican food (not sure which type it is because I've been informed that there is multiple types of Mexican food here in Texas) was not very appealing and I just really wanted a delicious sandwich!
I might have also treated myself to a oatmeal chocolate chip cookie an a nantucket nectar lemonade!  I do prefer oatmeal raising to any other type of cookie but this was quite good and honestly I was starving so I snarfed it up.  
 My co-worker had mentioned this restaurant to me and it is supposed to be a nice chain that has good but inexpensive Mexican food - definitely going to have to check it out...eventually!
 Saw these while I was at the grocery store - they are cupcakes!! So cute - edible art for the fourth! How exciting! I can't tell you how nice it is to be in the USA for July 4th and I will get to be with family...
 Saturday I spent the morning by the pool.  My problem is I have never been one of those people that can sit still unless I am sleeping.  So I used the morning to catch up on/read my Newsweek (on my kindle) and NY Times and before I knew it, it was almost noon and my stomach was rumbling.  I spent the rest of the day sleeping then watching Die Hards - including the new one...not going to lie, the new one is not as good as the others - little disappointing but oh well...I saw that the 6th one has already been given the go ahead, maybe they can do better with that one.
 Some pictures of the pool - this is the largest of the three!!

On Sunday, the bus gets me to church super early so I decided to try the local coffee spot, I don't drink coffee but I figured they would have tea or food or something...and luckily they did! I got a delicious strawberry hibiscus ice tea.  It was so delicious and I loved the vibe of the place - Pearl Cup Coffee.  Super cute, I was able to read my architectural digest and relax before walking over to church for service and then having a hectic evening.  
I basically had a Bruce Willis marathon this weekend because after watching the Die Hards, I watched one of my favorite movies - RED.  

If you have not seen it, watch it! It has amazing actors (Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren, Bruce Willis) and the plot is just enough to intrigue you, but not have to think super hard and the violence is there but is not too much.  I don't know it is just awesome, and I am super excited for RED 2 - I am hoping that my dad and I can see it when it comes out.  That is a movie I would be willing to go to the theaters for!  I never pay to go see movies at the theaters, especially in NYC, they cost way too much!  I am a college student after all!  
But here is the trailer - found it on youtube.  

Again, it just looks awesome!! 

In other news, I am excited for the 4th!  I leave tomorrow night, and take the bus to Austin to spend a few days with my dad, Zeus and my mom flies in on the 4th so I will also get to be with her too!  I plan to come back Friday so that I can go to a BBQ with some friends here on Saturday! Nothing too exciting, though I again I am just so happy to be in the US for the 4th and I get to be with some of my family so I am super happy!  Also, I am excited to see more of Austin because my family is moving there now! We close on the house (god willing!) end of July so I hope everything works out - knock on wood!!! 

Thanks for reading.

With joy,


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