Monday, July 8, 2013

So I am back...


I finally am back to blogging! Yay!  I thought I would blog while I was in Austin or at least when I returned over the weekend but I was sorely mistaken.  I underestimated how much I missed my parents and dog and also how exhausted I was from work and just life.  I literally did not check out any blogs - did not even really use my computer the whole time I was in Austin! Can you believe that!! My bloglovin unread page is super filled! It is going to be tons of fun having to go through them! At least I should have a ton new pins for pinterst - which I also need to go through and catch up on!  

While I plan to include in later posts what I brought (clothing wise) and what I did, I just want to give you a snapshot right now.  

So I arrived an hour later than I was via the Megabus (I took the 740 from Dallas and was supposed to arrive 1045 pm but I actually did not get in until 1140).  My dad and I spent some time catching up in the car - witnessed a car accident - and then eventually fell asleep though my dog kept waking me up all night long! He was super hairy while I was there but he got his haircut on Saturday and come t think of it my parents haven't sent me any photos of him!  Even though I technically had Tuesday to myself I spent most of it with my dad and then napping spooning with Zeus haha!

I also ate two different types of shrimp tacos throughout the day - both delicious but both very different and I was a happy girl!  My mom arrived Wednesday morning, and I just missed her so much we were pretty inseparable haha.  But again for the most part we relaxed inside and outdoors (at the pool), ate good food and enjoyed the fireworks from the lawn.  We did get dressed up for one nice lunch on Friday, the day I left,but again for the most part I slept, watched HGTV and made my dad a Facebook (the only goal I actually really achieved, though I did learn some about my my camera)!

The week was quite nice and the weekend was also very relaxing - made my mom's blackberry pie for a BBQ, ate way too much of it and watch duck dynasty!  Haha really made me want to go shooting and go on a camping trip.  Both the pie and the show made me feel a ton better - I guess I was suffering from returning to reality and missing family mopiness.

As you can guess, my workout routine slipped a little but I also was able to do a ton of walking while in Austin because my dad is in downtown and there is no point in driving when you have the time to walk and burn off the food you are going to eat by walking to and from the restaurant, plus there are just cute bungalow houses all around to see and appreciate!  I started the third week of Pilates challenge over last night and got back into running but I really need to do a better job - I am definitely disappointed in myself but that is the best thing because now I will really push myself, plus I bout some bikinis so I have to look good to wear them - I have to wear them!  

Can't wait to share all the pics!  I will work on that tonight to publish tomorrow!  Plus I will have to share my blackberry pie recipe, guac recipe, continue with Jordan and Dallas photo as well!  

Thanks for reading.

With joy,


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