Sunday, July 21, 2013

So I made a decision


So I didn't post this week because I was quite overwhelmed with personal issues (as well as work) and realized that with what I want to do, I can't be sharing my life publicly anymore.  I do enjoy blogging.  It has introduced me to new skills and I have been able to use them for the job I currently have and maybe it is yet another part of my generation/age.  I still plan to use this blog for recipes I do, places I travel too, fashion that inspires me etc... and maybe one day I will make it public again but right now it needs to be private so that I can pursue my dream of working for the government, helping my country in some way or trying to save the world in one form or another ... too much? perhaps... but this is going to be more of a place for me to vent - my own form of therapy and to let myself be OCD and also get to try out things I find on pinterest.

If you know someone who would like access to the blog just send me their email and I will probably grant them access.  It is sad because part of me really wanted to become like the blogs I love to check on a daily basis but that is not where my career/passion lies.  As my best friend T, once told me, you can have many things you appreciate and want to be but some you have to recognize as only hobbies and therefore allow them to be back burners or find ways to appreciate them without allowing them to take over your life.  I did the same thing when choosing my major, I loved sociology, anthropology and history but realized I could always read about those things but they would not necessarily get me a job so I chose Economics, which I have learned to appreciate and does happen to cross over into those other areas that interest me but still gives me an amount freedom for jobs in the future.

Thanks for reading.

With joy,


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