Saturday, August 10, 2013

From Dallas to Austin


Today I once again made the trek from Dallas to Austin but this would be the last time for me this Summer.  I spend tonight in Austin with my dad at our new house so I had to say goodbye to Dallas over the past few days! I had such an incredible time in Dallas.  My job was such an amazing opportunity and something I hope to be part of in the future in some way because I do really believe in the mission of promoting freedom and to those who want it (especially women)!

I am currently sitting outside by our pool watching a thunderstorm cut across background while my dad smokes his cigar and the dog trying to find his spot and it started to lightly rain.  I love it! I just love being outdoors and the rain brings a beautiful breeze that I welcome! I admit I am sweating a bit in my overalls but they were the comfiest thing I ever owned and they were perfect for me to move all my stuff into the car and out of the apartment and then into the house! I can't believe how time flew by! Of course I did not achieve nearly enough but hey I still have two weeks in DC before I leave for NYC.  It will probably be the last time I spend in DC at my house there, because my mom is moving everything down over the next few months to the house in Austin! Christmas will be in Austin which will be nice because it won't be too cold but still it is weird to think about.  I don't think I have entirely grasped it but whatever.

By the way, my last post was my 50th! I can't believe I have published so much! But I have loved the experience so far and looking forward to the next 50!

Ok, so I wanted to say goodbye to Dallas, my roommate K and her beautiful cat, Bernadette.  I had such a lovely time and my roommate was so sweet and smart and I can't wait to see what she does next.  Also her cat kept me from getting to homesick and was perfect to cuddle with.  She enjoyed waking me up by jumping onto my chest to look me in the eye and tell me "time for food!"  I am going to miss her -- she might have made me into a cat person, though dogs will always be number one in my heart!

Goodbye Bernie!  I am going to miss you -- I tried to give you a hug but you ran away from me because you are a diva and mad at me for leaving :(

Hello to my doggie! I love him so much and I want to get a pic of him in his lifejacket before I leave tomorrow (cross fingers hopefully I will and I will add it to this post)! But man have I missed him. 

Lastly, I am just so blown away by the house my parents bought here in Austin.  I have never felt so blessed! I mean we have palm trees in our backyard and a gorgeous pool and backyard.  It is just beautiful here and we are not far from the marina to get onto Lake Travis.  Mommy and daddy can I live with you forever? Seriously though! I love it here in Austin...not sure I could find a job for what I am interested in but I am gonna try! Beautiful city! Check it out!  It feels like I'm at a resort/on a tropical vacation -- seriously I almost feel like I'm in Hawaii (I said almost!)... Wish I could spend longer here but I have doctor appointments back in DC so need to get back... but again just want to say that I feel so blessed.

views of my backyard and then from the upstairs balcony! 

I am excited for my upcoming posts because I am going to have a food dump (I love taking pictures of the food I am eating...and possibly someone else's food as well...) and finally finish up my time in the Middle East (7 months compressed into a few posts!).  

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With joy,


Friday Favorites


So I would call this the return of Friday Favorites, but I only did post it once before... But I am going to try again.  And I also want to apologize for the delay.  The last few days have been terribly busy! I had to pack up my entire apartment and be ready to move out this morning and now I am back in Austin.  And I leave for DC tomorrow afternoon.  So I am finishing up two posts and just going to publish them - this being one of them!  ALSO, this is my 50th post -- I can't believe I have published 50 posts! It is just really exciting for me!

1) The "fashion" look I am in love with... and my parents think I am nuts!  Plus I just love Keira Knightley!

2) Article -- I found this article through another blog but I really like it: How "Sex and the City" lost it's good name. 

3) Recipe -- I really want to make this Roasted Potato Soup by Ina Garten/Barefoot Contessa.  It is something I have wanted to make it all summer! Hopefully I can make it before I go back to NYC once I am back in DC.

4) Restaurant - I got to visit the T Room in Dallas with my Aunt and her friends last week and I literally could have eaten everything! I had the Artichoke Panini and it was phenomenal!  The salads also looked delicious.  It was a very chill restaurant and the front is a nice shop!

5) Finally! I am looking forward to returning home! I enjoyed my time in Dallas but I really missed DC and I also am looking forward to returning for my last year in NYC.  Time to PARTAY with the gals! I really miss everyone!
(old home)

Thanks for reading. 

With joy,


Thursday, August 8, 2013

I said I would post...


As I said, I would post today! And it is going to include my workouts for the rest of this week!  Yay for list making!!

Checks for what I have done, and the arrows show you what I have to do! Quite a bit going on there...I also might choose to add or change some of the workouts for something I find on pinterest!  I also have to make quac tonight because I have some avocados and tomatoes left over and I need to return something I accidentally bought at Kroger that I thought I needed but don't and need to get pita chips instead!  I also need to make soup and mac and cheese (kroger brand not kraft...taste test!) and then most things should be used up!

Here is my guacamole recipe that I love to make!  It is pretty basic and I hope you enjoy it! (I also hope that the avocados I have, have not gone bad, they've been in the fridge for the past two weeks but fridge helps make them last longer - cross your fingers!

Ok so I start with the avocados.  I tend to use 2 or 3 depending on their size and what you have.  I cut them in half and dig out the seed.  I then scoop out the soft green parts of the avocado and add them to a small or medium size bowl.  With a fork, I mush every thing together.  Want it to not be solid so I use the sides of the bowl to mash things up.  (sorry for no picture!)

I then use 1 clove of garlic (maybe 2 depending on the size of the guacamole you are making) and finely chop it up.  I also use about a half of onion, and I like my onion to be finely chopped, but S likes her pieces to be rougher so again its preference.  Add the chopped garlic and onion to your guac and stir it in.  Then use as much tomato as you would like to add, usually for me is what is about to go bad and I try to use as much as possible (you can use roma or regular tomato or even the farmers market weird shaped ones - I love them)! I take out the seeds with my fingers before chopping it up, but again that is just my preference.  After chopping the tomatoes, you can then add them to the bowl and stir, gently, into the mix.
 At the end, squeeze 1/2 of lime (or more, taste it before deciding) and then add salt and pepper to liking.  My mom likes to add Coriander, and it can be quite tasty but it is also just delicious without!

And, as you can see, I can eat a whole bowl in one sitting! It is just so delicious and filling! I love it!  Can't wait to make it tonight!

I know I mentioned I would write about detox options today, but I have not had the time to read up on different ones and because I still have plenty of food left I wont be able to do it until I get back to NoVa.  So it is something I can write about next week.

Before I close this post, I want two mention two more things! Both are inspirational (at least to me).

  1. Check out this website: It is a pretty cool website, and I know if I had money to spend I would be buying a pair asap! But it appears to be similar to the company TOMs but with a different mission statement!  The shoes also look pretty cute on!
  2. The other thing I wanted to mention is that my sister started working on editing songs together (like a DJ) this past weekend, and she is sick! She already finished her first song! Check it out here! I hope that is the link that will get you to her soundcloud site! It is pretty epic song! I can't believe she created that - she got all the creative genes in this family!
So that is it for today! I will be finishing packing tomorrow and posting my favorites for this week (or past few weeks) and hopefully working on some future posts!  I move Saturday to Austin with my dad to the enw house before moving back to NoVa to be with my mom in our old house until I move back to NYC in a few weeks! 
Thanks for reading!

With joy,


New Post...


So maybe I took a little break from my blog... maybe it was more than just a little break.  I needed space! I did not even follow any of my usual blogs - bloglovin has been adding up and so has my itunes bill!

It all started getting ready for the last three weeks I was going to be here.  I knew it was going to be extremely busy and time was going to fly by and I had so much to do so I had to take one day off and then the next it just kept happening.  And, even though I thought I was in control of everything - thanks to my extreme list making, life snuck up on me and BAM!  All I want to do is be with my mom and watch rom-coms or any Bruce Willis movie (well really RED or one of the first 4 die hards...).

Honestly, it was like a two week PMS trip or something but whatever...I am done laying in my bed.  I finally accomplished some of my to do list stuff today and there is a bit more I need to do but tomorrow is my last day at the Presidential Center here in Dallas and I am really excited!

This is how out of it I have been, I have not worked out nearly as hard as I usually do since last Thursday.  I have "worked out" but not even close to the normal amount I do but today I finally did.  My next post is going to be my new workout schedule, recipe and maybe detox plan? I have been in the mood to detox for a while but I started with trying to eat as much as possible out of the fridge and freezer since I move on Saturday.  I am going to do some research and post my ideas (not sure I could dive right into a full week of detox)!  I might also post about the health habits I am trying to follow!  Though ideally I should be heading to bed instead of posting.  Oh well.

Also, you may have noticed that the blog is not private.  I decided, that the reason I started this was to share it and because I made it private it gave me the excuse in my head that I could take a break from it and this is almost like a diary - very public one - but if the only way for me to make sure I post in it everyday to keep me sane is to have it public then I am just going to have to figure out how to have the career/job I want and also post.

I love fashion, shopping, food, cooking, and some many other aspects of today's world that I can experience and I want to share it.  It also makes me keep editing my photos so that I can post my photos of Dallas and the end of Jordan as well as my past fall semester.  I also hope to post about my goals for this upcoming year and perhaps new fitness stuff I will be doing/trying and living healthy.  I know S will help me achieve this because I know she wants to be there right besides me!  I am so excited!

Dallas has been a blast and I can't wait to share my photos and experiences (that I have not yet shared) and I've met some great people but I am ready to go back to NOVA before heading back for my last year in NYC.  It is time ... and then to the future...not going to think about that... I just got to make it through tomorrow, then friday and Saturday before flying back to my old home in NOVA on Sunday for the last few weeks.

Thanks for reading -- and sorry that it was all words and no cool photos or anything.

With joy,