Saturday, August 10, 2013

Friday Favorites


So I would call this the return of Friday Favorites, but I only did post it once before... But I am going to try again.  And I also want to apologize for the delay.  The last few days have been terribly busy! I had to pack up my entire apartment and be ready to move out this morning and now I am back in Austin.  And I leave for DC tomorrow afternoon.  So I am finishing up two posts and just going to publish them - this being one of them!  ALSO, this is my 50th post -- I can't believe I have published 50 posts! It is just really exciting for me!

1) The "fashion" look I am in love with... and my parents think I am nuts!  Plus I just love Keira Knightley!

2) Article -- I found this article through another blog but I really like it: How "Sex and the City" lost it's good name. 

3) Recipe -- I really want to make this Roasted Potato Soup by Ina Garten/Barefoot Contessa.  It is something I have wanted to make it all summer! Hopefully I can make it before I go back to NYC once I am back in DC.

4) Restaurant - I got to visit the T Room in Dallas with my Aunt and her friends last week and I literally could have eaten everything! I had the Artichoke Panini and it was phenomenal!  The salads also looked delicious.  It was a very chill restaurant and the front is a nice shop!

5) Finally! I am looking forward to returning home! I enjoyed my time in Dallas but I really missed DC and I also am looking forward to returning for my last year in NYC.  Time to PARTAY with the gals! I really miss everyone!
(old home)

Thanks for reading. 

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