Saturday, August 10, 2013

From Dallas to Austin


Today I once again made the trek from Dallas to Austin but this would be the last time for me this Summer.  I spend tonight in Austin with my dad at our new house so I had to say goodbye to Dallas over the past few days! I had such an incredible time in Dallas.  My job was such an amazing opportunity and something I hope to be part of in the future in some way because I do really believe in the mission of promoting freedom and to those who want it (especially women)!

I am currently sitting outside by our pool watching a thunderstorm cut across background while my dad smokes his cigar and the dog trying to find his spot and it started to lightly rain.  I love it! I just love being outdoors and the rain brings a beautiful breeze that I welcome! I admit I am sweating a bit in my overalls but they were the comfiest thing I ever owned and they were perfect for me to move all my stuff into the car and out of the apartment and then into the house! I can't believe how time flew by! Of course I did not achieve nearly enough but hey I still have two weeks in DC before I leave for NYC.  It will probably be the last time I spend in DC at my house there, because my mom is moving everything down over the next few months to the house in Austin! Christmas will be in Austin which will be nice because it won't be too cold but still it is weird to think about.  I don't think I have entirely grasped it but whatever.

By the way, my last post was my 50th! I can't believe I have published so much! But I have loved the experience so far and looking forward to the next 50!

Ok, so I wanted to say goodbye to Dallas, my roommate K and her beautiful cat, Bernadette.  I had such a lovely time and my roommate was so sweet and smart and I can't wait to see what she does next.  Also her cat kept me from getting to homesick and was perfect to cuddle with.  She enjoyed waking me up by jumping onto my chest to look me in the eye and tell me "time for food!"  I am going to miss her -- she might have made me into a cat person, though dogs will always be number one in my heart!

Goodbye Bernie!  I am going to miss you -- I tried to give you a hug but you ran away from me because you are a diva and mad at me for leaving :(

Hello to my doggie! I love him so much and I want to get a pic of him in his lifejacket before I leave tomorrow (cross fingers hopefully I will and I will add it to this post)! But man have I missed him. 

Lastly, I am just so blown away by the house my parents bought here in Austin.  I have never felt so blessed! I mean we have palm trees in our backyard and a gorgeous pool and backyard.  It is just beautiful here and we are not far from the marina to get onto Lake Travis.  Mommy and daddy can I live with you forever? Seriously though! I love it here in Austin...not sure I could find a job for what I am interested in but I am gonna try! Beautiful city! Check it out!  It feels like I'm at a resort/on a tropical vacation -- seriously I almost feel like I'm in Hawaii (I said almost!)... Wish I could spend longer here but I have doctor appointments back in DC so need to get back... but again just want to say that I feel so blessed.

views of my backyard and then from the upstairs balcony! 

I am excited for my upcoming posts because I am going to have a food dump (I love taking pictures of the food I am eating...and possibly someone else's food as well...) and finally finish up my time in the Middle East (7 months compressed into a few posts!).  

Thanks for reading.

With joy,


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