Thursday, August 8, 2013

I said I would post...


As I said, I would post today! And it is going to include my workouts for the rest of this week!  Yay for list making!!

Checks for what I have done, and the arrows show you what I have to do! Quite a bit going on there...I also might choose to add or change some of the workouts for something I find on pinterest!  I also have to make quac tonight because I have some avocados and tomatoes left over and I need to return something I accidentally bought at Kroger that I thought I needed but don't and need to get pita chips instead!  I also need to make soup and mac and cheese (kroger brand not kraft...taste test!) and then most things should be used up!

Here is my guacamole recipe that I love to make!  It is pretty basic and I hope you enjoy it! (I also hope that the avocados I have, have not gone bad, they've been in the fridge for the past two weeks but fridge helps make them last longer - cross your fingers!

Ok so I start with the avocados.  I tend to use 2 or 3 depending on their size and what you have.  I cut them in half and dig out the seed.  I then scoop out the soft green parts of the avocado and add them to a small or medium size bowl.  With a fork, I mush every thing together.  Want it to not be solid so I use the sides of the bowl to mash things up.  (sorry for no picture!)

I then use 1 clove of garlic (maybe 2 depending on the size of the guacamole you are making) and finely chop it up.  I also use about a half of onion, and I like my onion to be finely chopped, but S likes her pieces to be rougher so again its preference.  Add the chopped garlic and onion to your guac and stir it in.  Then use as much tomato as you would like to add, usually for me is what is about to go bad and I try to use as much as possible (you can use roma or regular tomato or even the farmers market weird shaped ones - I love them)! I take out the seeds with my fingers before chopping it up, but again that is just my preference.  After chopping the tomatoes, you can then add them to the bowl and stir, gently, into the mix.
 At the end, squeeze 1/2 of lime (or more, taste it before deciding) and then add salt and pepper to liking.  My mom likes to add Coriander, and it can be quite tasty but it is also just delicious without!

And, as you can see, I can eat a whole bowl in one sitting! It is just so delicious and filling! I love it!  Can't wait to make it tonight!

I know I mentioned I would write about detox options today, but I have not had the time to read up on different ones and because I still have plenty of food left I wont be able to do it until I get back to NoVa.  So it is something I can write about next week.

Before I close this post, I want two mention two more things! Both are inspirational (at least to me).

  1. Check out this website: It is a pretty cool website, and I know if I had money to spend I would be buying a pair asap! But it appears to be similar to the company TOMs but with a different mission statement!  The shoes also look pretty cute on!
  2. The other thing I wanted to mention is that my sister started working on editing songs together (like a DJ) this past weekend, and she is sick! She already finished her first song! Check it out here! I hope that is the link that will get you to her soundcloud site! It is pretty epic song! I can't believe she created that - she got all the creative genes in this family!
So that is it for today! I will be finishing packing tomorrow and posting my favorites for this week (or past few weeks) and hopefully working on some future posts!  I move Saturday to Austin with my dad to the enw house before moving back to NoVa to be with my mom in our old house until I move back to NYC in a few weeks! 
Thanks for reading!

With joy,


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