Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Post...


So maybe I took a little break from my blog... maybe it was more than just a little break.  I needed space! I did not even follow any of my usual blogs - bloglovin has been adding up and so has my itunes bill!

It all started getting ready for the last three weeks I was going to be here.  I knew it was going to be extremely busy and time was going to fly by and I had so much to do so I had to take one day off and then the next it just kept happening.  And, even though I thought I was in control of everything - thanks to my extreme list making, life snuck up on me and BAM!  All I want to do is be with my mom and watch rom-coms or any Bruce Willis movie (well really RED or one of the first 4 die hards...).

Honestly, it was like a two week PMS trip or something but whatever...I am done laying in my bed.  I finally accomplished some of my to do list stuff today and there is a bit more I need to do but tomorrow is my last day at the Presidential Center here in Dallas and I am really excited!

This is how out of it I have been, I have not worked out nearly as hard as I usually do since last Thursday.  I have "worked out" but not even close to the normal amount I do but today I finally did.  My next post is going to be my new workout schedule, recipe and maybe detox plan? I have been in the mood to detox for a while but I started with trying to eat as much as possible out of the fridge and freezer since I move on Saturday.  I am going to do some research and post my ideas (not sure I could dive right into a full week of detox)!  I might also post about the health habits I am trying to follow!  Though ideally I should be heading to bed instead of posting.  Oh well.

Also, you may have noticed that the blog is not private.  I decided, that the reason I started this was to share it and because I made it private it gave me the excuse in my head that I could take a break from it and this is almost like a diary - very public one - but if the only way for me to make sure I post in it everyday to keep me sane is to have it public then I am just going to have to figure out how to have the career/job I want and also post.

I love fashion, shopping, food, cooking, and some many other aspects of today's world that I can experience and I want to share it.  It also makes me keep editing my photos so that I can post my photos of Dallas and the end of Jordan as well as my past fall semester.  I also hope to post about my goals for this upcoming year and perhaps new fitness stuff I will be doing/trying and living healthy.  I know S will help me achieve this because I know she wants to be there right besides me!  I am so excited!

Dallas has been a blast and I can't wait to share my photos and experiences (that I have not yet shared) and I've met some great people but I am ready to go back to NOVA before heading back for my last year in NYC.  It is time ... and then to the future...not going to think about that... I just got to make it through tomorrow, then friday and Saturday before flying back to my old home in NOVA on Sunday for the last few weeks.

Thanks for reading -- and sorry that it was all words and no cool photos or anything.

With joy,


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