Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Coats to stay warm


Sorry for the late post tonight! I planned to work on this yesterday but I had a morning shoot around (mini practice) and then a game in the evening against Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCLA) - we won! I wanted to work on this between the shoot around and my game but I actually just ate and slept! I was so tired... I actually also have been re-watching How I Met Your Mother because my roommate S is still catching up and that is always entertaining so its usually on in the background while I fall asleep!  Hope everyone has a safe and fun night tonight (YAY for NYE) and to be honest I am really happy for 2013 to be over and really looking forward to 2014!  Tomorrow I will post about my resolutions!

OK but now to get to my actual post, it has become super cold here in NYC its almost in the teens and it will be there by Friday!  These low temperatures have me really thankful for my faux fur lining in my parka coat but I am still craving the following (dream) coats (some are super expensive and some are more moderate but I hope to own them, at least a few, in the next few years as I start working):

Coats Wanted

Coats Wanted by adoherty44 featuring a sports jacket

(1) J. Crew cocoon coat (2) Barbour (3) Burberry duffle toggle coat (4) Burberry trench (classic) (5) L.L. Bean farmers coat (6) L.L. Bean quilted coat (more expensive is the Burberry version) 

So I know this stuff is not entirely affordable for most people and I apologize for posting this but this is more of a dream (almost like a goal to get for the next coming year/future)!  

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Monday, December 30, 2013

Sister time in NoVa


As I mentioned in my previous post, I got to spend a week in between my final exams back in NoVa with my mom!  One of my friends was in LA, but I got to see my other two really good friends! Also, my gift to my older sister was to babysit the kids and give her and her husband a night out!  I loved hanging with my niece and nephew at their new house!

I also got to see them the following day when we went with my sister's family to the temple and my good friend L came with!  It was so much fun!! With my bizarre finals schedule and the weird weather we had been getting on the east coast, I was not really feeling into the Christmas Spirit but I really wanted to be so I kept playing all my favorite Christmas music and watching certain Christmas movies. But it was not really working, but going to see the lights really helped! It was so much fun and I got to meet one of my friend's parents at the temple!  So beautiful!

So beautiful! So happy to be with family and so happy I got to see some of my friends!  I wish I had more time to see everyone, but I made the choice to play basketball and so I forfeit my winter break!  Oh well!  I do love being here in NYC and playing, especially now that I survived the first double practice back!

That's a look back on my last two+ crazy weeks and now I can start to look forward - for New Years!  <-- but actually, I still need to finish posting about my time in Jordan and Israel and of course Abu Dhabi!  Hopefully I will get to that in the near future, especially because it makes me organize my iphoto, which has been on my todo list for forever!  But I am looking forward to the coming new year, especially because it is going to be full of changes! I actually was planning to do the ultimate touristy thing and go to time square for New Years but I recently found out that I have 10 am practice on New Years Day so I won't be able to really go out and celebrate :( I definitely plan on still wearing my NYE's outfit and making a few appearances (and to make sure my friends have some food to eat :)) but I will be snuggled up in my bed for midnight since I have to be at the gym around 9 am for rehab and be ready for practice.

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Week of Christmas


I know I have not done very well this week with posting!  I have been thinking of posting but with my mom's birthday, Christmas and then getting ready to leave to return back to NYC for practice, it was all a bit much, plus it was more 6 day official break and before that I was not really on break but actually home in NoVa in between exams and I had to study, take a take-home exam and do two mini projects.  However, I am now back in NYC just playing basketball and hopefully continuing my internship in January and also applying to jobs!  Yesterday was the first day fo practice back and it was brutal! We had a double (which means two practices in one day - it went about 5 hours and I was in the gym for over 8 hours because of rehab and just eating in between the two) and my back went out at the end - still really stiff today is going to be tough even with practice being in the afternoon, but we have a lift afterwards so that is going to be brutal.  I was definitely scared for yesterday, but hey I survived (mostly)!

So I arrived last Friday night, very late, after my marketing exam and got to eat some of my mom's amazing perogies - Polish potato dumplings!  They are so good!! We made some more a couple days later (pics below).

 My mom likes to make pierogies whenever we have leftover mashed potatoes.  So of course, after Thanksgiving she made a ton with my Aunt.  Luckily, my dad forgot about them so there were still a bunch in the freezer once I arrived in Austin on the 20th.  I definitely ate most of the remaining perogies and then we went out to eat one night and because there was so much meat, none of us could eat any of our sides (including mashed potatoes) so we were able to make a a couple dozen more!  Now I will post a a link to a recipe here (we use it to make the dough, and we don't make the sauerkraut filling and for the potatoes we literally use mashed potatoes and maybe add some cheese and chives), but before we had our pierogie presser, there really take a long time! My mom and I once spent an entire Sunday making pierogies because you have to close the seams with a fork and make sure nothing could get out!  It is a long tedious process but with the pierogie press, it only takes about two hours now - which is still a long time!  

As I may have mentioned, food is really important to my family.  I literally plan my day around what I am eating (learned that from my dad) and whenever our family goes on trips, it is completely planned around which restaurants we want to visit and so on.  So of course, when the four of us got together in Austin we had to visit several famous Austin places.

The first place we went was that Saturday morning, bright and early because we were headed to a funeral about an hour away, and stopped at the Kolache factory! Now, Kolache is probably not the right name for these pastries, my mom likes to call them Punchkis - but basically they are like a donut with filling in the middle, but they are everywhere in Austin (the best though is right off the highway coming from Dallas to Austin - not sure what the name is but I want an excuse to just do that drive to have them again)! The photos below are from the internet, I was too tired and hungry to take photos, but it is a drive through place but literally is the image below:

One night we ate at the County Line.  It is a great texan bbq place!  A lot of food, and it was my first time trying Texas bbq and I must say it was good but very different from what I am used to on the east coast!

This trip was definitely not for a vegetarian (which I used to be). At the County line I tried three different bbq meats (sausage, pork rib and lean brisket).  I loved the sausage and the other two were pretty good as well!

On my mom's birthday, we were running errands - mailing gifts to the family at the last minute and we happened to see a Whataburger.  Now I lived in Dallas this summer and tried to experience as much texas food there is, but I never really knew about Whataburger until my last week when I got to meet one of my incoming teammates for the NYU basketball team.  I never got to try it, but my teammate kept saying its better than In N Out burger.  So on Monday, I finally got to try it!  Now, I got a cheeseburger and I thought it was mighty delicious - not sure if it was better than In N Out burger but I would say at least comparable and I would also argue that they are different burgers.  But boy was it tasty! I didn't get a picture of the actual sandwich because I snarfed it - I was hungry and it was delicious!

Then that night, for my mom's birthday, we went to Steiner Ranch Steakhouse!  I think it is my parent's favorite place to go (right now) in Austin, since it is pretty close to our new house (we live off of Lake Travis) and has delicious food and an amazing view!!  We got there right after the sunset (there was a little orange still on the horizon) and so the view was mostly of darkness and lights but you could see Lake Travis and I could see what my parents liked about it!

As I said above, this past week was not meant for any vegetarians.  My dad and I split a 32 oz steak (not sure which cut) called the Tomahawk at Steiner Ranch Steakhouse and o-m-g so good!! This is where all the leftover mashed potatoes came from fyi!  We also had steak fondue and calamari for appetizers and then so much meat! It was super delicious.  Again, no pictures of the food but my sister happened to get two pictures of the bone the meat came off of (and yes one of them is my mom chewing it...)

I love my mom! I did not get to post on her birthday, but I am so blessed to have her because she is just such a great role model and I can't imagine growing up without her! Love you mom!

All in all, delicious food.  My mom cooked rack of lamb for Christmas Eve dinner (a tradition in  our family) and then grilled filets for Christmas dinner, with ton of popovers!  All in all, good family holiday - though we had our drama, sister fighting, but I am so happy we could all be together in Austin (even though it was warmer in NYC for most of the days). I even got to meet some of our new neighbors!  That is what I love in Texas, you know your neighbors and everyone is so kind, not that they weren't in NoVa (definitely are not in NYC) but it was more like acquaintances from afar. I rewatched We Are the Millers and the Heat with my family.  I also spent most of the break just curled up in this amazing fur blanket (not sure if it was real or not... I hope it was faux but my mom bought it so no idea... but so comfortable) either on the couch or in our cinema room just watching tv and catching up on all the blogs that I had not read in over two weeks! I had over 200 posts to read through (not that I had too but I wanted too) and I finally caught up! I hopefully will never let it get that ridiculous again...but I do need to go through pinterest soon!  Meredith, Zeus and I just snuggled a lot, that is when Mer and I were not unpacking all of our boxes - I had so much because I am a hoarder and can't let go of anything... I made a little progress though this week thankfully... but I don't like to let things go, especially clothing because you never know when it could come back into style.  But sadly, the fun ended and the day after Christmas I had to pack and then wait to leave for the airport.  Luckily, Mer, Zeus and I just curled up on my parents' bed and watched Scooby Doo (the cartoon) and just relaxed but then before I knew it I was on the plane heading back to NYC.

Zeus even gets his own leather recliner in our cinema room!  Such a cutie! 
Boy do I love him (and miss him so much)!...hopefully next year I will have my own doggie to bring with me to Christmas!

So that was my Christmas break, and now I just get to wait for school to start again (January 27 or is it the 28?) and play basketball - and it will go by really fast thanks to all our games and traveling but I do miss Austin.  I think that if I get a Spring Break (depends on if we make a post season tournament) I will go back to Austin to relax, even though I was kind of planning on going on a road trip with one of my besties (but she got a full time job so not sure if that is going to work out now) or with my mom to Las Vegas but I think I will just want to relax and not move.

I think I will share another post about the week I spent in NoVa, but it will be much shorter than this one because I think I am just going to share some photos from visiting the DC temple with my older sister and her family and one of my really good friends (L).

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Monday, December 23, 2013

skincare regiment!


I thought I would share my skincare regiment, it's more for me so that I can organize it in my head, but why not share it with the internet!  I started working on this while I was studying for my last final (so last Thursday and into Friday).  I meant to post it on Friday but then decided I would rather post about my favorite things! But even that was delayed, so technically this was meant to be Saturday's post, but my weekend was super crazy because I had to attend a funeral Saturday and then family time and activities in Austin.  I also have been super busy unpacking all my boxes that are here now and organizing what is going to stay in my room here, what is going to be stored for my apartment and what is being put into permanent storage (in the attic) for future life, like when I have a family!

So here I am focusing on what I use for my body.  I keep it very simple for most of the year.  In the shower I use either Olay ribbon body wash or the Body Shop Scrub (depends on if I am at the gym or back at my place) but my body shop scrub got stolen by some loser!! <-- not angry or anything...

I then have and should use but rarely use my aveeno body lotion and bare foot peppermint +plum foot lotion - I purchased both at bed bath and beyond!  Once I use up my aveeno body lotion, I am looking forward to using this...and I am trying to use it more regularly like as soon as I get out of the shower.

Lastly, this may be tmi, but luckily I have thin, blonde, slow-growing hair, so I never have to shave, as a result I probably should shave with shaving cream (I have heard its awful for your skin to do without it) but when I finally do, I am usually in a rush so I just shave without it and usually use the cheapest razor I can find.

The only time I shake up this very quick routine, is during the late spring and summer when I should be getting tan but really I am not because I love to wear ridiculous amounts of spf, and therefore I use Jergens! I get both the body and face one and they also have spf in both so that's how I build up a gradual somewhat of a tan but you literally have to do it twice a day everyday!

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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Favorite Things Friday


Since I am trying to get back into the game of things... I thought I would start my Favorite Things Friday (again) -- I think I did it two times before I let life get too crazy!  I also meant to finish and publish this for Friday (as it is now Sunday night) I probably will be publishing a few (this for Friday, and one for Saturday) and then will have another post for tomorrow - because even though it doesn't feel like it, it is Monday tomorrow - and also my mom's birthday!!!

Obviously, with the holidays upon us, my ultimate favorite thing is to get to spend time with my family.  I am currently in Austin, but because my finals schedule was so bizarre, I was able to come back to NoVa for a week and see my sister and her family as well as some friends.  I even got to go to the DC temple with one of my good friends and my sister and her family to see the christmas lights!  We drank hot chocolate and ate sugar cookies (I ate so many! I had to make two batches because I ate most of the dough and then cookies from the first batch that there wasn't enough for everyone)!  Sadly, I did not get to see two of my closest friends so I am hoping to see them sometime in the next year (in sha allah)!

 My #1 favorite thing is always my family (and friends that feel like their family)!  

This is not our current christmas photo, but we have not been all together this year to take one! Hopefully I can get a new photo sometime soon!  Maybe at my mom's birthday dinner tomorrow!

My number two (#2) thing would have to be all the christmas music! I have three go to christmas albums - actually no four...I just have not really listened to the last one as much this year but it usually is a must for me! 
My obviously first choice is - Michael Buble: 
When not listening to this amazing album, I am listening on Spotify to Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra's christmas albums:

My last christmas album, which in the past is my ultimate favorite, but I have not listened to as much this year is from many years ago by the lovely and enchanting Charlotte Church - her voice is just so incredible! I still remember her singing for President Bush at the Christmas Morning Mass several years ago!

So what else am I loving?  I mean currently, I am just happy to be home with my family, in beautiful warm weather here in Austin and getting to see my dog, Zeus! I have not seen him in forever! I missed him so much! I keep telling him that next year at this time he is going to have a brother!! My parents keep piping in that I better be working first! The next year holds a lot (especially changes) and I just plan to enjoy every minute of it!  

So I just added onto this list, because I just realized that I forgot to add that I watched some movies recently and I am obsessed with one in particular! I have had the fortune to see Frozen, Silver Linings Playbook (finally...I know I am probably the last person to watch it, but technically I have seen it before on the airplane - but I could not listen to it since my earphones did not work), and I also watched the tv mini-series of Bonnie and Clyde.  Each was very good but Frozen was by far my favorite.  I have now seen it twice, once alone and once with my little sister!  We just love it, even though we are both in our 20s now.  I think we somewhat relate to it... but we also can't stop listening/singing/dancing to the music (especially the song Let It Go by Idina Menzel)!

Sorry that I did not include any fashion or shopping... but with finishing my finals and my assignments I have not had any times to catch up on blogs/magazines! I just started this evening and my bloglovin is definitely a little overwhelming right now! I hopefully will catch up over the next few days!  

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Thursday, December 19, 2013



So this time I did not shut down my blog I just didn't post on it... my bad!! Well... How long has it been??? Too long... I have been meaning to post but where do the hours in the day go?  

Senior year is flying by and still no job in sight but baby steps.  I finally figured out what I want to do and now I can hopefully focus more in on that rather than just apply to any position that I am eligible for.  I also was injured with stress fractures in my foot so I was stuck in a large cast for over six weeks!  That was a total bummer and you would think I would have had more time but so wrong... I had extra workouts in order to stay in shape and also still needed to watch practice.  But eventually I got to use the cast less and I have been out of the cast for a few weeks now and able to practice and play.  Good news is that I did not miss too much of season - basketball is such a long season stretching from October to end of February or early March!

Funny enough, I suffered another freak accident over Thanksgiving and I slit my hand open while helping to move furniture around (watch out for those staples underneath the chairs)! I had to get four stitches and put my time practicing and playing in jeopardy but it worked out and I was able to play though my shooting/catching skills were definitely hindered!  

In other news, I turned 22 in November and realized that I am truly in my 20s now - maybe that sounds strange but that is how I feel!  I've always acted like I am really in my 40s but I don't always dress that way but my resolution is to try better (especially with putting my closet to good use and I need to start wearing makeup).  I also think an adult should own at least 1 nice thing for each essential article of clothing.  I normally sleep in boxers and a baggy t-shirt but I have been really waning to own a real pair of pajamas that I would not feel uncomfortable to be seen (maybe wrong way to say that but hopefully I am getting my point across).  I also spent most of today in my pajamas sitting on my couch back in DC so this is even more appropriate -- below is my list of favorite pajamas and my attempt to use polyvore again!!! 

VS Pajamas

I am loving the VS romper (which I have wanted since freshman year in college but never actually got... and now they seem to be sold out yet again) and then I just purchased my new favorite pajamas, the cotton pink stripe ones;  I still am obsessed with the VS silk pajama set and also their sleep shirts!  Why not get some good pjs that make you feel good to sleep in and also so comfortable! Love VS for pajamas... and also loved the annual VS Fashion (lingerie) Show -- I love it because it is a form of art, that I can appreciate (but that is also why I love all fashion)!
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