Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Coats to stay warm


Sorry for the late post tonight! I planned to work on this yesterday but I had a morning shoot around (mini practice) and then a game in the evening against Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCLA) - we won! I wanted to work on this between the shoot around and my game but I actually just ate and slept! I was so tired... I actually also have been re-watching How I Met Your Mother because my roommate S is still catching up and that is always entertaining so its usually on in the background while I fall asleep!  Hope everyone has a safe and fun night tonight (YAY for NYE) and to be honest I am really happy for 2013 to be over and really looking forward to 2014!  Tomorrow I will post about my resolutions!

OK but now to get to my actual post, it has become super cold here in NYC its almost in the teens and it will be there by Friday!  These low temperatures have me really thankful for my faux fur lining in my parka coat but I am still craving the following (dream) coats (some are super expensive and some are more moderate but I hope to own them, at least a few, in the next few years as I start working):

Coats Wanted

Coats Wanted by adoherty44 featuring a sports jacket

(1) J. Crew cocoon coat (2) Barbour (3) Burberry duffle toggle coat (4) Burberry trench (classic) (5) L.L. Bean farmers coat (6) L.L. Bean quilted coat (more expensive is the Burberry version) 

So I know this stuff is not entirely affordable for most people and I apologize for posting this but this is more of a dream (almost like a goal to get for the next coming year/future)!  

Thanks for reading!
With joy,

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