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So this time I did not shut down my blog I just didn't post on it... my bad!! Well... How long has it been??? Too long... I have been meaning to post but where do the hours in the day go?  

Senior year is flying by and still no job in sight but baby steps.  I finally figured out what I want to do and now I can hopefully focus more in on that rather than just apply to any position that I am eligible for.  I also was injured with stress fractures in my foot so I was stuck in a large cast for over six weeks!  That was a total bummer and you would think I would have had more time but so wrong... I had extra workouts in order to stay in shape and also still needed to watch practice.  But eventually I got to use the cast less and I have been out of the cast for a few weeks now and able to practice and play.  Good news is that I did not miss too much of season - basketball is such a long season stretching from October to end of February or early March!

Funny enough, I suffered another freak accident over Thanksgiving and I slit my hand open while helping to move furniture around (watch out for those staples underneath the chairs)! I had to get four stitches and put my time practicing and playing in jeopardy but it worked out and I was able to play though my shooting/catching skills were definitely hindered!  

In other news, I turned 22 in November and realized that I am truly in my 20s now - maybe that sounds strange but that is how I feel!  I've always acted like I am really in my 40s but I don't always dress that way but my resolution is to try better (especially with putting my closet to good use and I need to start wearing makeup).  I also think an adult should own at least 1 nice thing for each essential article of clothing.  I normally sleep in boxers and a baggy t-shirt but I have been really waning to own a real pair of pajamas that I would not feel uncomfortable to be seen (maybe wrong way to say that but hopefully I am getting my point across).  I also spent most of today in my pajamas sitting on my couch back in DC so this is even more appropriate -- below is my list of favorite pajamas and my attempt to use polyvore again!!! 

VS Pajamas

I am loving the VS romper (which I have wanted since freshman year in college but never actually got... and now they seem to be sold out yet again) and then I just purchased my new favorite pajamas, the cotton pink stripe ones;  I still am obsessed with the VS silk pajama set and also their sleep shirts!  Why not get some good pjs that make you feel good to sleep in and also so comfortable! Love VS for pajamas... and also loved the annual VS Fashion (lingerie) Show -- I love it because it is a form of art, that I can appreciate (but that is also why I love all fashion)!
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