Monday, December 30, 2013

Sister time in NoVa


As I mentioned in my previous post, I got to spend a week in between my final exams back in NoVa with my mom!  One of my friends was in LA, but I got to see my other two really good friends! Also, my gift to my older sister was to babysit the kids and give her and her husband a night out!  I loved hanging with my niece and nephew at their new house!

I also got to see them the following day when we went with my sister's family to the temple and my good friend L came with!  It was so much fun!! With my bizarre finals schedule and the weird weather we had been getting on the east coast, I was not really feeling into the Christmas Spirit but I really wanted to be so I kept playing all my favorite Christmas music and watching certain Christmas movies. But it was not really working, but going to see the lights really helped! It was so much fun and I got to meet one of my friend's parents at the temple!  So beautiful!

So beautiful! So happy to be with family and so happy I got to see some of my friends!  I wish I had more time to see everyone, but I made the choice to play basketball and so I forfeit my winter break!  Oh well!  I do love being here in NYC and playing, especially now that I survived the first double practice back!

That's a look back on my last two+ crazy weeks and now I can start to look forward - for New Years!  <-- but actually, I still need to finish posting about my time in Jordan and Israel and of course Abu Dhabi!  Hopefully I will get to that in the near future, especially because it makes me organize my iphoto, which has been on my todo list for forever!  But I am looking forward to the coming new year, especially because it is going to be full of changes! I actually was planning to do the ultimate touristy thing and go to time square for New Years but I recently found out that I have 10 am practice on New Years Day so I won't be able to really go out and celebrate :( I definitely plan on still wearing my NYE's outfit and making a few appearances (and to make sure my friends have some food to eat :)) but I will be snuggled up in my bed for midnight since I have to be at the gym around 9 am for rehab and be ready for practice.

Thanks for reading!
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