Monday, December 23, 2013

skincare regiment!


I thought I would share my skincare regiment, it's more for me so that I can organize it in my head, but why not share it with the internet!  I started working on this while I was studying for my last final (so last Thursday and into Friday).  I meant to post it on Friday but then decided I would rather post about my favorite things! But even that was delayed, so technically this was meant to be Saturday's post, but my weekend was super crazy because I had to attend a funeral Saturday and then family time and activities in Austin.  I also have been super busy unpacking all my boxes that are here now and organizing what is going to stay in my room here, what is going to be stored for my apartment and what is being put into permanent storage (in the attic) for future life, like when I have a family!

So here I am focusing on what I use for my body.  I keep it very simple for most of the year.  In the shower I use either Olay ribbon body wash or the Body Shop Scrub (depends on if I am at the gym or back at my place) but my body shop scrub got stolen by some loser!! <-- not angry or anything...

I then have and should use but rarely use my aveeno body lotion and bare foot peppermint +plum foot lotion - I purchased both at bed bath and beyond!  Once I use up my aveeno body lotion, I am looking forward to using this...and I am trying to use it more regularly like as soon as I get out of the shower.

Lastly, this may be tmi, but luckily I have thin, blonde, slow-growing hair, so I never have to shave, as a result I probably should shave with shaving cream (I have heard its awful for your skin to do without it) but when I finally do, I am usually in a rush so I just shave without it and usually use the cheapest razor I can find.

The only time I shake up this very quick routine, is during the late spring and summer when I should be getting tan but really I am not because I love to wear ridiculous amounts of spf, and therefore I use Jergens! I get both the body and face one and they also have spf in both so that's how I build up a gradual somewhat of a tan but you literally have to do it twice a day everyday!

Thanks for reading!
With joy,

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