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I thought it would be a good idea to post about my New Years Resolutions - also HAPPY 2014!! I am so looking forward to this year and so happy 2013 is over (honestly not such a great year for my family).  So I have several goals:

(1) I have two dresses that I own and would like to wear each one to each of my graduations (one for my school CAS graduation and the other for my NYU graduation).  In order to do that, I feel that I need to lose about 10 lbs by May and both of these dresses are ones I already own.  This way I could maybe convince my mom to get me a nice pair of shoes to wear for my graduations or something like that!  One is white from BCBG and I wore it to my high school graduation.  The other is from Anthropologie and I got it last year and wore it 1 time before I gained both muscle and weight and therefore made it impossible to zip up!  I plan to lose the weight by eating right through the rest of basketball season (NYE night was my pig out fest!) and then after season I will focus on soul cycle, kickboxing, yoga and running - not sure how I will fit it all in but I am going to try - definitely be making workout schedules!
This is the BCBG dress I wore at graduation - not a great picture but I love it and it would be nice to be able to wear it again for my college graduation!

I don't know about y'all but I am (or was) a big Vampire Diaries fan - which is where I fell in love with this dress!  I have several articles of clothing that Elena wore throughout the show and this is probably my favorite! I can't wait to wear it again!

(2) As a senior, this is my last season to play collegiate basketball and so far we are 8-0 and I want to make this the best basketball season I ever got to play in (both personally as well as for my team)! We have yet to play our best competition but with the holiday tournament this coming weekend, we will finally get to see how good this team can be!  I would love an opportunity to make a post season tournament - that would be so incredible even though that would mean giving up at least part of my Spring Break!

(3)  Sad note, I thought I kicked the habit this summer but with the stress of this past semester and what not, biting my nails has come back.  I KNOW how gross it is, it grosses me out but it is not something I consciously do.  I honestly have no idea when it happens but my nails get so short (like right now they are painful)!  So since I don't have stress (besides applying to jobs and basketball) I thought that I should really focus on kicking this bad habit right away!  Now as a basketball player, I can't let my nails get too long but it would be nice to have them look nice and also not have the manicurist stare at your nails and complain about them in another language and repeat "too short" underneath her breath!

Not necessarily nail art that I would be able to do but I still liked them! For kicking the habit, I want to treat myself to a gel manicure <-- I haven't gotten one in so long but they are so great for the basketball season since they don't chip at all!

(4) I want to post at least 5 days a week on this blog! I really love posting, especially because to me it is a form of therapy but I know it will get difficult once school starts again but I need this! This is an outlet for me!  In addition, I would love to start getting followers! So if you like what you read, please start following!! But, I never know what holds for the future but this is something I am passionate about and love sharing so hopefully I don't bore people or annoy them but it is always meant to be for me to serve as a reminder that life is happening and encourage me to take risk (I can't just keep planning for the future and saying that I am waiting for my life to start, because I am 22 life has started)! And, for those who I love and care about to know what is going on in my life, but having followers is a nice reminder that people also read and care -and that feels good too! :)

(5) Something that I am happy I did this past semester is take private cello lessons, and I started re-learning how to play the cello! I am still re-learning but I really enjoy it so I think a good goal would be to practice at least 3 times a week and learn 5 new songs by the end of this year!

(6) I really want and need to continue practicing Arabic and German (thankfully I can use S to practice german) and while I am on break from school, I really should use my Rosetta Stone and review books for 1-2 hours a day in order to keep my language skills up and be ready for Arabic class to begin again for the Spring Semester!

(7) Trips: I really want to get to Indiana to see my dad's family (which I really haven't seen in 4-6 years); I also want to get to go to Las Vegas and see some of the classic shows (as well as the Britney Spear's show); I hope to be able to spend the holidays with my family in Austin; take a road trip with a friend or more for a couple of days and just explore!

(8) With our move, I have come across all our old photos that my parents took over the years, and I want to convert them to cds or something that can be viewed on laptops and in addition, I want to organize my iphoto by dates, adventures and faces

(9) I would also like to learn how to use my DSL camera and be able to take it off auto mode! Also I would like to get and learn how to use photoshop - and with that learn how to make this blog better!

(10) Again, with my move, I have come across all these books that my parents have bought for me that I have not read yet so my goal is to read 8 print books that I own and hopefully this will prevent me from buying any more books on Amazon/Kindle (which means I am going to have to put the Richard Castle Nikki Heat novels on the backburner)!

(11) I miss volunteering, but luckily Special Olympics should be starting up again soon and I know of several soup kitchens now so my goal is to volunteer once a week at an event or for a month volunteer 4 times!

(12) While I would like to say that I want to run 10 miles each week, with basketball season going to at least the beginning of March, I can't say that will happen until basketball season is dead (haha no I meant done but S loved it there) but I would like to run in at least one 5k and one 10k this year!  I need to start training because I want to run either a marathon or half marathon by the age of 25 (haven't decided actually because I really want to participate in the Disney run and Tiffany's Run and if I can do half marathon in each I would rather do that than a full marathon but I will do whatever is needed for those)!

(13) One of my last goals is to start talking to different people and not be scared to go out with someone just because they don't meet all the requirements I think I want (my list) and also to just practice dating - as my older sis once said to me!  If I am ever to find my mate (lobster - FRIENDS reference) then I need to be dating otherwise you miss 100% of the shots you never take!

(14) Make sure to keep the friends that improve and better myself and my life (and not be scared to let those go who make mine worse) -- also just really work hard to stay in touch with those who I really care about! In addition, I want to make an effort to talk with both of my sisters at least once a week.  My older sis and I tend to talk much more often than I do with my younger sis which is why we probably had our huge fight on Christmas Eve and that is not alright because we are only 20 months apart and need to work to make sure our families are close for the future!

(15) Last one (I think), but I really want to work to be kinder, more understanding and empathetic this year! I have some friends/teammates who are just the kindest souls in the world and never have a bad word to say about anyone, and I don't know if it is New York or what not but I sometimes find my self gossiping or bad mouthing someone and how dare I because you never know what that person is going through or if what I am repeating is true (and obviously tell the truth).

Thanks for reading!
With joy,

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