Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Favorite Beauty Item


So lately I have not done so well with some of my NY's Resolutions!  I have not been going to bed before midnight which means I am not doing well with waking up early (even though I do have 1030 AM practice) and I have not focused as hard as I should on cello or Arabic!  Well I am putting my foot down!  Today, after practice I am going to, with the help of S that is, write on a sheet of paper my goals/NY resolutions and hang it next to my bed so that I recite them every morning and night!  I also think I might add some suggestions of to-dos!

Now to the post!  I don't have much time because I was up late so could not wake up as early as I would have liked (I also did not get much sleep because Sh's dog - Duke - loves to cuddle underneath the sheets and he moves around periodically through the night so we would wake me up to move me so he could get more comfortable) and also because I was watching the TNT marathon of Castle and then caught up on Mike and Molly (so seriously laughing my head off) but was asleep at 1 am and did not work on this blog post at all!

But I figured that I would post about my one essential item in my beauty routine - Mascara!  I really never wear any other makeup (except for special occasions) because I like to minimize my routine (though I don't count spf and moisturizer to be makeup)! I have two mascaras that I use, one being a cheapie and the other a bit more expensive, but you have to realize up until mid-high school all my makeup either was given to me by my mom or I received in Clinique gifts (so basically either Elizabeth Arden or Clinique) and I loved all those things and mostly still use the same items but then I discovered fashion and fashion magazines and learned about Sephora and the extensive beauty sections at Nordstrom/Bloomies!  However, it was not until I met S in college did I start to learn how to shop at inexpensive stores and while I do not regularly shop at Walmart (though I do at Target), I went to S' home for one weekend in CT and we went to Walmart and I found Drew Barrymore's makeup line - Flower!  I am in love with it!

My Mascaras

(Cheapie) Flower Zoom-In Ultimate Mascara ($8.00) versus (more expensive) Clinique mascara ($16.00)

For $8.00 I can get an amazing mascara (and the wand changes shape so it works for both extension and thickening) and it is made with good quality ingredients from what I can tell and also the packaging is stylish!  Now Clinique is always a go-to for me and I used to only use Clinique mascara because I would always get there gift (when I used to use their face cleansing stuff and I would buy new stuff when a gift became available) and I recently got this mascara in one of their gifts (because I still use their moisturizer) and I loved it!  So now I have two favorites!

I am looking forward to posting tomorrow's "Throwback Thursday"!  I finally have pretty much edited my photos to Israel and also the last two weeks of Jordan, therefore I can finally move on to sharing about my time in Abu Dhabi and the trips I took while staying there and then I will be caught up!  How exciting!
Thanks for reading!
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