Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Favorites


(1) Favorite purchase and skincare item: Clarisonic <-- I can't get enough of it! I love it so much! Though I only use it once a day (at night before going to bed).  I now get what everyone has been talking about!
If you are interested, I did my research and would not recommend buying one off of ebay or amazon, supposedly there has been major issues of tampering/fake products.  So I saved up the money (via meal money from the coaches and what not) and went to Sephora.

(2) Favorite song (or song that I can't get out of my head) is: Ellie Goulding - Goodness Gracious <-- it is going to be a total summer hit, or at least I think it will be!

(3) Favorite blog post from this past week - I had 4 (lucky number):
 From the Spaz Magazine (especially love that necklace against a long sleeve lbd)!
 From the Pink Peonies.  So jealous that she got to escape to Hawaii! Plus just love that dress (darn Asos for no longer carrying it in my size)! 
 Even though this blogger lives in San Francisco, she is rocking a total New Yorker outfit! Love the all black! Gal Meets Glam
Love this outfit, but I just wish her outfits were more affordable! Damsel in Dior

(4) Last favorite, but with the heaters on full steam and the cold + wind outside has made it an absolute necessary item but my favorite hand cream is: L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream.
This evening we play #9 Emory here in NYC and I am really looking forward to the game despite still being a bit sick and sore.  It should be a fun match and will really test our team to see if we can defend out home court! Go Violets #violetreboundingbobcats and also my dad is coming into town for the weekend, and my Aunt is coming to tonight's game and then my cousin is flying in (who I haven't really seen in years) for Sunday's game against Rochester.  Busy weekend and then classes start on Monday! 

Thanks for reading!
With joy,

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