Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Favorites


Sorry for not posting yesterday! But my class schedule got rearranged just for that day and I had 7 AM practice and then left at 3 pm for the airport so my timing was well I had none!  So basically I was running to class or rushing to do work or prepping for the trip from about 12 pm onward on Wednesday and wasn't able to relax until last night and then I did reading for homework - see I am one of those kids that does her reading by first reading the passage and highlighting and then going back through and typing up in notes format what I highlighted! It is a very long process but gets the job done!

Ok, on to my Friday Favorites - I won't be posting my Thursday Throwback/Travel this week because I am working on my Abu Dhabi (pt. 1) trip and there are a lot of photos to still go through but I started them on the plane ride from Newark to Pittsburgh.  We were on a propeller commuter jet and even though it was pretty stable during the flight there were some bad pumps, but I did some reading but it actually made my stomach a little uneasy so I switched from reading to going through photos!  I just love looking through the old photos and seeing the stories, so I can't wait to share that with everyone but really, now onto my favorites.

(1) Ever since I tried Bliss triple oxygen face wash at Sephora last week, I have been craving to add it into my routine - it would take the place of my Say Yes to Carrots in the morning (I would still use that face wash for the evenings with my Clarisonic).  I just have heard such amazing things about Bliss and I guess it might be soon to take the plunge and try it out!  And I would use it without the Clarisonic (Which I am still just in love with)!

(2) I am in love with these leggings and this look that they are in!

(3) Also, with the super bowl coming up, S had me re-watch a ton of This Is SportCenter commercials and these two are amazing!
First is one of my favorites and I love the capitals and of course below I had to include the newest on for the Super Bowl.  It is pretty funny!  

(4) Lastly, I guess I just want to say GO BRONCOS!! I actually like Seattle but I grew up with loving Peyton Manning so I have to cheer for him and Denver! Super excited even though I really won't get to watch because I will be flying back with the team on Sunday at that time from Cleveland. We are landing at Newark a little after 8ish which probably means I will be able to see the halftime show from the plane since you fly over the Giant's Stadium and it is an outdoor arena! Hope they figure out a way to keep everyone warm since it has been so frosty there!  

Thanks for reading!
With joy,

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