Monday, January 27, 2014

Grammy's Fashion


Doesn't it feel like there is an awards show every weekend?  I don't know but I am kind of overwhelmed with it so I think I now have just tuned them out.  Maybe I am just getting old and for instance with the Grammys, I feel like each year, I know fewer and fewer artists.  But I always enjoyed the Grammys because the fashion can be so ridiculous and over the top and jaw dropping.  I was really hoping to have some of that this year but I feel like it was played pretty safe... I did not get to watch it but from looking at photos on People and PerezHilton, there seemed to be sequins as well as a lot of red. These are my top picks:
 This dress on Taylor Swift is perfection! I give it the gold and my favorite pick! Simple with some bedazzling but not too much to be overwhelming.  It is perfect and compliments her body well! 
 I like and dislike this dress...I love Anna Kendrick and typically find her clothing choices to be awesome, but I could do with less cleavage/exposure but still not a bad choice.
 T-Swift again! I like it but I also feel like this has been done before by both her and other actresses.
 Not a fan of deep-v but still she rocks it and also makes the red look super sultry/sexy without blending into the carpet!
 Don't care for the person but love this dress!
Honestly this was the first dress I saw on People that I was like ok I like.  It is playful and fun without being too youthful but perfect for the Grammys.  Well done!

Those are my choices and I honestly would love to create a list of really did not like looks but I don't want to be negative so I won't.  But to be honest there were way too many bizarre (not cool bizarre but rather ugly bizarre looks).  Oh well.  

Hope whoever is reading this had a great weekend. It was bitterly cold here in NYC but my dad flew in Thursday night and I got to see him Friday, Saturday and Sunday! I was so happy to see him! He used to come to all my games (well home games) my freshman and sophomore year but he has since moved to Austin for employment so he can no longer just drive up or take the bus - it just is not as easy to do! It was awesome because we beat #7 Emory on Friday and my Aunt from the city (but is now on the road with a new show) and my dad were there to see a great team win! And then my cousin from Indiana has business today in NJ and decided to come a day earlier and stay with me and see me (the team) play URochester and win!  Today's was tough to earn since quite a few of us are really sore and tired and sick but it was a tough and ugly victory but we pulled it out so it was  great weekend for us and I am looking forward to seeing how rankings go this week!  -- 5 weeks left in the season FYI.

Classes start today (I know super late) and I have a full day and I don't think any of them will be cut short by just reading over the syllabus.  So it begins, my last semester of college!  How scary?!?! Shoot I can't think about it too much because it causes my heart to flutter and stomach to flip so not wanting to prompt a panic attack I will move on and say that these next five weeks will pass by really quickly because classes + basketball means super busy, time flying by and wishing I could sleep more.  This weekend we are away at CMU (Pittsburgh) and CWRU (Cleveland).  Just got to survive and keep my head down and keep working! I also will be interested to see how I do with posting! 

Thanks for reading!
With joy,

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