Thursday, January 2, 2014

My Favorite Looks from Audrey Hepburn


Before I start the actual post I wanted to add two more resolutions that I have thought of: 
(1) I really want to make an effort to go to bed before midnight (closer to 10 pm) since I won't be in college anymore after May and I much rather prefer being a morning person but that can't happen if I am going to bed after midnight (like I did last night whoops)!  

(2) My other resolution/goal is to cut out or minimize the amount of processed sugar that I eat - but that goes along with eating healthy (my earlier resolution).

Ok now for the actual post! I wanted to post some pictures of my favorite Audrey Hepburn outfits from her different movies - most will be from Charade, one of my favorite movies ever!  Hope you enjoy the pictures, I went through many different websites to get these.  It was either that or re-watch all the movies and take pictures and I didn't really have the time since I got sucked into binge watching this Canadian Sci-Fi show that my best friend R told me about: Lost Girl and I am obsessed haha I was only going to watch one episode which then I was just going to watch one more and go to bed and then somehow I was up till 2 am!  






So these are all from my favorite movie Charade and I believe these are all the outfits but oh my goodness I love every single outfit including the pajamas!

From Funny Face:

I must say if this wedding dress looks good on me and is an option I would wear it in a heartbeat but these outfits are to die for! I wish this would happen to me -- the story is beautiful with the music but I do get bored at some parts (don't hate me) also I think that the guy is significantly older than her...I dunno not my favorite but still love the clothing!

and of course I had to include photos of Audrey in Breakfast at Tiffany's:

This hat alone is incredible but so is this dress! I just love black dress with black gloves with this great hat -- can I please have this?!?!



Some more great looks from Breakfast at Tiffany's just great dresses and coats! --I think that most of the outfits are from Givenchy but the coats look like I could get similar ones from J. Crew!


Firstly, I need this face mask but I love all these casual outfits - they are all effortlessly chic!  Love it! I hope I can maybe one day emulate this style as well as all find my own way to rock similar outfits!

Hope you enjoy these pictures -and if you haven't gotten a chance to watch Charade you should ASAP! It is such a good movie and really messes with your mind! But it is a hoot.

Thanks for reading! 
With joy,

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