Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snazzy Sneaks


So it is freezing here in NYC! It is so cold that even with gloves on my fingers still burned in pain from being so cold!  As S would stare at me and say, "So Cold... SO COLD!"  I know the whole country is freezing, my sister living in Atlanta got snow (2 inches) and it shut down the city, and then my parents who moved to Texas (their whole lives have been slowly creeping south) recently are freezing in Austin!  There is definitely something up with our environment...I am just saying!

Today's post is all about sneakers...with basketball season being in full swing as well as all my classes starting day 1 (what ever happened to the easing back into classes and syllabus day?) I am definitely a bit overwhelmed and tired (and very very sore) so I am trying to put some effort into my outfits but mostly looking for warmth and comfy! Sneakers would play an important part into it except I hate when my feet get cold (isn't it the worst?)! So I have been sticking to my old UGG riding boots that are completely filled with fur (like most UGGS) but I am looking to warmer days to resort back to skinny jeans/leggings and sneakers! I could really use with some warmer weather... but I am headed to Pittsburg and Cleveland this Thursday so I highly doubt that I will see any relief in temperatures.

Sneakers January 2014

Also, fun fact, but I will be landing Sunday night at Newark, so I probably will get to see the end of the Super Bowl since Newark is right next to the Giants Stadium where the Superbowl is being hosted this year...and boy do I feel bad for those people!  It is going to be cold! And also, I keep hearing that the Farmer's Almanac is saying that a huge snowstorm is supposed to hit that day... we shall see (maybe next time they should pick a warmer climate and/or a closed ceiling stadium? just saying...).

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