Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tasty Tuesday: Banana Chocolate Chip Bread


First day of classes went well! Survived three classes in a row and even managed to squeeze in errands and grocery shopping.  Sadly, I already had some homework to do which is why this post is going to be short (homework and watching the two released episodes of lost girl, elementary and how i met your mother.... but good news is I cleaned the kitchen and my closet while watching them so not a total bust right?).

I made this two weeks ago for the road trip to Chicago and St. Louis in addition to my pumpkin bread.  While I love pumpkin bread, there was basically none left after 24 hours, even though it was meant for that Saturday road trip to St. Louis.  We are away this weekend and I have decided to just make two loaves of banana chocolate chip bread, though I am probably going to make one more pumpkin bread since I found a pumpkin in a can while going through the cabinets, but it will be for me to have snacks during the day!

Here is the link that I used to get the recipe!

I feel like you can guestimate on the chocolate chips, if you really enjoy them add more (or less depends on what you like). Otherwise, I stuck closely to the recipe!  Though I wonder if it could have used a little more time!  Also, man was the batter delicious, though you probably should not eat the batter since there is raw egg in there.

Honestly, this was the first time I made banana chocolate chip bread, normally I have just made banana bread and that has been a huge hit but this one was even bigger.  But if you want, here is the link for that recipe as well!

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