Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tasty Tuesday: Pumpkin Bread


This post is also a bit late because my days are off and I am also just exhausted from basketball but I thought I would also add a recipe post to make up for missing Tuesday!  I did not make this recipe but I came across it two years ago and have fallen in love with it.  Every fall I start getting really into the mood for pumpkin and it doesn't go away until, well, maybe Easter.  I don't really drink coffee but who can say no to Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Latte in addition to pumpkin pie and obviously pumpkin bread is the next logical step!

What prompted my baking last week? Well whenever we have an away weekend, I like to bake some stuff for the road just so that way it deters me from spending all the money the coaches give us and also I am basically the grandma (was the mom) of the team and this way we have food to eat on the way to the airport and then while we bus between cities.  This past weekend is one of the longest weekends because we have to fly to Chicago on Thursday, play UChicago on Friday and then Saturday morning bus to St. Louis to play WashU on Sunday before we fly back to NYC.  A lot of traveling and even tougher games to play, so I brought along pumpkin bread and banana chocolate chip (and puppy chow) but today I am only sharing the recipe.

Here is the recipe! It really is not that hard and oh - my - goodness, the batter is delicious!  All in all, I would say it usually takes me 45 minutes to make the batter then another hour to cook it.  But I will also admit, I like to be watching something while I cook or do anything in the kitchen so that might be why it takes me longer!

Now, I am not sure if this recipe calls for two but I have a large loaf pan, so I always make 1 and it always takes 15-20 minutes longer to cook since there is more in just one pan.  My problem is, I always forget how much it rises so I need to move the racks in the oven around next time because the top got really messed up this past time because we kept moving it.  Also, because I only make one loaf, there is usually enough left over to pour into two small pyrex bowls and also cook (they take about 30-40 minutes, depends on the amount of batter).  Don't overfill these because again it has to rise and I would suggest putting the extra amounts in the bowls on top of a cooking sheet just in case any run off happens!
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