Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tasty Tuesday


So I don't have a new recipe today to post but I thought I would share some of the food places that I have eaten at recently, which is quite a few since my older sister came to visit me this weekend!  She has visited New York before and done most of the touristy things so she wanted to just hang and see how I live, and so I took her to some of my favorite places to eat because when the weather is gloomy and rainy, there isn't much to do besides eat and shop (and we were on a tight budget so mainly just eat).  Also, I had my first conference game against Brandeis on Saturday so my time was pretty limited and I also was extremely exhausted and sore - p.s. we won!

So we started off her trip with me running from the gym, catching a cab and picking her up from where the bus drops her off just below Penn Station.  We came back to my place and dropped her stuff off before eventually venturing out into the elements and grabbing two cupcakes to try from Molly's Cupcakes (bleecker and 6th avenue) - SO GOOD!  Little fact, but they won Cupcake Wars so they are pretty darn good, though slightly pricey but what isn't in the city.  My favorite is the Cake Batter cupcake but we also got the Peach Cobbler, which won Cupcake Wars (on the Food Network) to try.

p.s. none of these photos above were taken by me (L and I ate them so fast that there was no time to think to take pictures so I just looked them up via the google).

We also grabbed a croque sandwich at La Maison du Croque Monsieur, which is on 13th street between 5th avenue and University Place.  Menu here.  But the food is excellent and their hot chocolate is phenomenal.  I absolutely love that place (especially since the price is right and it is super filling - very heavy)! check it out! It really reminds me of a parisian/european cafe/shop!
Afterwards, my sis and I ventured upwards to Lincoln Square and we saw the temple as well as were the Met Opera House and NYC ballet perform!  I have been to performances by both and I am always amazed at the talents people possess (and how hard they have to work for it)!

To finish off the night, I was going to grab orange juice at Fairway and the cab took us down to the Flatiron/Madison Square Park area and I decided that we should get off there so we could look at Eataly and also Shake Shack (even though it was kind of cold outside and rainy).

The next morning, Li, S and I grabbed breakfast right around the corner from us at Murray's Bagels -- I love their egg and cheese on multigrain bagel sandwich and fresh OJ (even though there are days were I definitely prefer NoHo's sandwich)!

Afterwards, we headed to the gym where I had to get taped up and do some rehab for my back before the game but after the game there were two receptions so we were able to load up on some free food.  However, I still took Li to go see Chelsea Market (even though it was prime touristy time and pouring outside)!  Chelsea Market is so fun for both locals and tourists and I always love going!  We both got crepes at the end!

Funny thing was, it was still pretty early in the day so after taking a nap and relaxing we decided to order chinese food and watch the Hobbit (pt.1 An Unexpected Journey... I have yet to see the second part, because I am still debating whether it is worth to spend that much money to go see it and I also want to go see American  Hustle so movie tickets in the city add up really quick).  I always order from Charlie Mom (off of 6th avenue) because it has an A rating and the food is amazing -- I love their steamed pork dumplings - and also pretty inexpensive!

Li left Sunday afternoon after we went to church and grabbed Panera! So overall a pretty good foodie weekend!  Got to eat some delicious things! And maybe next time you visit the city you will check out some of these restaurants! I highly recommend them!

Thanks for reading!
With joy,

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