Friday, January 24, 2014

Travel/Throwback Thursday: Chicago and St. Louis


So I am not doing so well this week with posting on time!  But it is my last week before classes start, I have a head and chest cold, and my back went out during practice yesterday, oh and I lost my phone (but luckily recovered it this morning) so maybe I deserve a break?  I really shouldn't cut myself a break, I am just being lazy.  Ok so onto the post... this past weekend I (as well as the team) flew to Chicago Thursday night, played UChicago (and won hazzah!) on Friday night then we bused to St. Louis early Saturday morning, practiced and then Sunday afternoon played WashU (we lost... our first loss).  It was difficult to lose, especially we took the lead at the beginning and competed the whole game.  This also meant that I would never beat WashU at WashU (but granted they have basically lost only like 7 games at home in the last 10 years or something like that).  Though my Sophomore year, we definitely beat them at WashU...but thanks to the refs the game was called in their favor even though the shot clock had gone off and we were supposed to get the ball <-- you can check out the link here.

Here are the photos:

 Chicago - right by our hotel! These towers are definitely unique to Chicago! 
 This tower reminds me of the Burj Khalifa (tallest building in Dubai)! - I bet it was designed by the same architecture firm.  My mom mentioned to me that the firm that designed the Burj Khalifa in Dubai is a Chicago based firm!
 Soldiers Field:

Not many pictures of St. Louis but rather leaving it.  That would be the fourth time I was in St. Louis and normally you take a picture of the arch but otherwise I don't really take any photos there (this time I was asleep as we came into St. Louis, so I missed the arch).  Normally, I just walk a block to the grocery store for some snacks but otherwise stay in the hotel and sleep in between practice, walk throughs, meals and game.  Here is some photos from leaving St. Louis:
 I was fortunate to play 33 (out of 40) minutes against WashU, but it meant my body was super sore so over my nice stockings and outfit I had ice wrapped up around my right leg (where I took a nasty fall) on the bus ride to the airport. 
 I was so hungry at the airport that I ate dinner with the team at one of those restaurants by our gate (salad with fried chicken fingers cut up into it) and then promptly went to Dunkin Donuts and got this donut above as well as a jelly donut and a large hot tea.  Super Yummy! S will tell you that I don't like sprinkles but for some reason, probably just because I was still ridiculously hungry, I loved this one! 
Instagram photo on our approach into Newark but of the NYC skyline! 

Some other photos to add from this past week:

Earlier last week, we had a water main (I feel foolish but that doesn't seem the right spelling?) explode right by our place and it has wrecked 5th avenue (still closed) and supposedly the street was entirely flooded.  It still looks like a disaster zone and it is a week later!  The second image is after the street flooded and of course water got into all the buildings so not only did people in the buildings have to throw out anything that got wet they also had to pump out all the water that got into the buildings (to prevent further damage and mold)!

Then of course two days ago, we had another nice snow storm in the city (and the weather went from being 47 to 27 in one day and then yesterday was basically in single digits).  It snowed all day and supposedly we got about 10 inches but because people were plowing and salting all day it did not get to be too bad.
 S and I went out close to midnight to investigate how much had fallen and if it was still snowing.  Honestly, we couldn't tell if it was a lot or not but I still took this classic photo. S of course posed like this before ducking down and throwing yet another snowball at me.  
Photo from the Chelsea Apple Store, where I was having my computer looked at (it is all good now)...I guess you can't see the snowflakes too well in this photo but I thought it was nice! 

Thanks for reading!
With joy,

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