Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale


Sorry for the late post today!  I was working on the post yesterday but I don't know if it was google chrome, my wifi or my computer but I was having such a hard time accessing victoria's secret's website and clipping items to polyvore.  At some point google chrome shut down and I was like its almost 1 AM I am going to bed.  I will just work on this in the morning....well morning came around and I could not wake up so I had to wait till practice was over to finish this post up!

So I am rushing to finish this before we leave for Westpoint! Our former assistant coach is now an assistant coach at Westpoint and we did a mini bootcamp one day with some of the Westpoint Women's Basketball players and they have also come to see us play so we are going to see them start their conference play today (against LeHigh)! It is also another "team bonding" activity!  Hopefully we can take some good pictures but we will be on an army base!

So I have always loved VS for the bathing suits and certain clothing items (especially their yoga pants - yay for long inseams!) and I thought that with the semi-annual sale (the best one they have) I figured I would share some of my favorite items that I would love to purchase at some point (if I could)!  I don't know if it is just me, but I am so ready for Spring and warm weather now since Christmas is over but in NYC January and February usually mean the coldest temperatures and ice/snow (we got about 5 inches last week and yesterday it was 4 degrees with windchill it felt like -11 yesterday morning when I went to shoot around)!  So my key is to stay warm and dream about warmer days! Here is what I am thinking about:

Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale

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